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NIIT Technologies showcases its Alexa and Blockchain applications developed on IATA’s Airline Industry Data Model

Applications showcased at IATA Global Airport Passenger Symposium 2018

Athens, GREECE | Noida, INDIA, October 04 2018 : NIIT Technologies Ltd., a leading global IT solutions organization, has successfully implemented its Alexa and Blockchain applications leveraging IATA’s Airline Industry Data Model (AIDM) enabling airlines to provide a seamless travel experience to its passengers. The solutions have been unveiled at IATA’s Global Airport Passenger Symposium (GAPS) 2018 being held from October 2-4 in Athens, Greece and are being showcased at booth number 12.

NIIT Technologies.’ Alexa application provides passengers the ability to find more information about their bookings, flights and frequent flyer details. AIDM data structures formed the basis of the data sourcing from multiple fronts required to build this application. The backend settlement process on Hyperledger Fabric relies on AIDM data structures to push data in Chain-m, a Blockchain application which enables airlines and partners to quickly reconcile the transactions through smart contracts built on Chaincode.

Anil Batra, Transformation leader, Travel and Transportation, NIIT Technologies stated, “AIDM aims to increase the consistency of data definition, break silos and provide a standard messaging to improve interoperability, and reduces risk of project failure. Our deep domain expertise in the airline industry helped in understanding the AIDM process well and building applications catering to the entire spectrum of airline function”.

Marie Masserey, Head, Industry Architecture, IATA stated, “The AIDM was conceived as an essential industry tool to deliver interoperable data exchange standards faster. It is exciting to see the model content used to build innovative airline applications.”

The seamless flow of data becomes challenging in the aviation industry due to inconsistent use of definitions - the same term has different meanings in different systems while multiple terms are used to describe the same concept. AIDM helps in increased consistency of definitions and faster deployment of industry standards through quality and visibility.

About NIIT Technologies Ltd.

NIIT Technologies is a leading global IT solutions organization, enabling its clients to achieve real world business impact through unparalleled domain expertise working at the intersection of emerging technologies. The Company focuses on three key verticals: Banking and financial services, Insurance, Travel and Transportation. This domain strength combined with leading-edge capabilities in Data & Analytics, Automation, Cloud, and Digital, helps clients innovate business, automate process and industrialize AI.

With over 9500 people serving clients across Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia, NIIT Technologies fosters a culture that promotes innovation and constantly seeks to find new yet simple ways to add value for its clients.

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