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Enable, Modernize and Manage Digital Backbone with seamless integration, API first approach and process modelling

With an increased adoption of digitization across industries and channels, Digital Integration has become a key enabler for unlocking organization’s digital backbone by adopting API first approach through variety of integration technologies tailored to their ecosystem and enabled by industry best practices.

It is imperative for an organization to establish integration strategy and select the right partner for managing their integration ecosystem by helping them in selecting the right platform from the emerging technologies that are best suited to their needs.

Coforge partners with leading industry technology vendors to transform application delivery by adopting modern API development principles, architecture and global standards. We always focuses on delivering business value to customers and for that leverages our deep expertise in Digital Integration combined with industry’s leading platform resulting in business value for customers. Our solutions will help enterprises around the world gain deeper data insights, improve performance, enhance the user experience, and deliver greater speed and efficiency to meet changing customer needs

Coforge has global partnership with several leading API & Integration product vendors, driving adoption across US, UK, Europe, APAC and India providing Consulting / Advisory services, Development, Support and Maintenance services for application integration solution leveraging cloud native tools.

Coforge is committed to invest in building capabilities on API & Integration platform through dedicated CoE, certified practitioners and competence / best practices acquired through multiple engagements

Our differentiated approach:

We foster an API-first approach mindset while engaging with customer who are looking for transforming their landscape and achieve digitization.

  • Align with Business - Establish the business objectives and goals. Conduct workshops and deep-dive sessions with business stakeholders to establish clear goals and targets
  • Assess & Discovery - Process Understanding and Diagnostic of current states, understand business pain-points and technology challenges.
  • Develop Roadmap – Provide future state recommendations including functional view, future state architecture, Recommend Operating Model and Implementation approach
  • Plan & Prepare - Prepare high-level implementation plan and activities , Set up operating model, governance, tools and implementation team. Setup API Management, baseline standards and practices
  • Execute - Create the project requirements , Set up Agile Squads , Execute in iterations with feedback loops
  • Supported by CoE – All the services are executed and fast accelerated by using solution assets developed by Coforge centre of excellence and complete oversight is given by CoE core group members for successful delivery


Service offerings

Advisory & Consulting Services
Advisory & Consulting Services

We Specializes in conducting platform assessment & building integration roadmap by leveraging solution enablers developed by Centre of Excellence SMEs

API Management Platform
API Management Platform

We help organizations to establish API management platform that fosters an API first approach and require more control and governance around APIs, so as to provide safe, well integrated environment for their partners

Application Integration and iPaaS Platforms
Application Integration and iPaaS Platforms

We define & deliver integration of applications and services which may be deployed across multiple hosting locations(on-premise, cloud) using approaches such as events, messaging and web services

Microservices & Cloud Native Services
Microservices & Cloud Native Services

We enable organizations on their modernization journey through digitization of their core applications which are organized around business capabilities and enable cloud adoption

Continuous Delivery and Process Automation
Continuous Delivery and Process Automation

We create continuous delivery platform to enable development teams deliver quicker and more consistently by removing error-prone and costly manual processes and by supporting the seamless transition into service management

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