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Mortgage processes are often labor-intensive and time-consuming, which can lead to inefficiency as well as a poor user experience.

At Coforge, we have a specialized Mortgage Practice which undertakes transformation of mortgage origination and processing platforms using digital document processing and digital signature technology. We help bring in new sources of data into the decision-making process, leverage existing customer data in applications, enhance offerings to intermediaries, and implement seamless third-party integrations.

We have experience in implementing Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for Mortgage and modernization from a mainframe-based system to a distributed micro services-based architecture. Our user interfaces, both mobile and browser-based, are built on micro-frontend architecture for a complete mortgage application and management experience. Our intelligent document processing and quality check platforms, plus our low-code platform solutions, can help automate manual paper-based processes, leading to up to 45% improvement in processing efficiencies.

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