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Coforge is a partner of choice for leading air travel technology companies globally, for providing engineering and system integration services. We help them advance the intelligence behind products, thus creating a new travel marketplace for personalized travel in a cloud-based environment. We leverage next-generation technology applications such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and real-time data and analytics.
Coforge’s 3000+ travel technology experts bring in their strong techno-functional experience of developing and maintaining 100+ mission critical products which are supporting 50+ airlines, 40+ airports across the world. With deep engagements across Airline PSS, Airport and Border Management products, we are strategic system integration partners that augment the role of air travel technology companies. We ensure that their product works seamlessly in their customer’s environment.
We have handled 15+ airline PSS migrations, have 3000+ domain specialists, 400+ passenger kiosks, 40+ airline and travel ecommerce platforms and build digital solutions using new age technologies like AI/ML, Blockchain, Metaverse to solve industry problems. We enable Intelligent Automation across IROPS, cargo operations, loyalty, queues, flight operations, airports, and back-office operations.
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