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Diversity is our Strength; Equity is what we Value; & Inclusion is our Commitment

We are an equal-opportunity workplace and an affirmative-action employer. We continue to stay committed to being an inclusive workplace and leverage the power of diversity for sustainable competitive advantage, economic growth, and societal progress; where employees from different backgrounds function without any barriers and with all opportunities to participate, develop and contribute freely and equitably.

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) strategy starts with our people; and as a firm, we aim at going beyond the conventional foundation of people practices and great employee experience into a more conscious choice that we make, to maximize the human potential within the firm. Our DEI vision is to enable each of us to ‘Bring Your True Self to Work’ and be active allies to each other fostering this open culture of inclusion.

Message from the Leadership


Diversity is a reality and Inclusion is the way of life. At Coforge, we stay committed to being an inclusive workplace and thrive on the power of diversity. Our DEI vision is to enable each of us to ‘Bring Your True Self to Work’.  We take pride in creating a supportive environment for everyone to feel a sense of belonging. We passionately support our employees with practices and systems that respect people & their unique abilities. We encourage & enable our people to contribute their perspectives and perform at their best. We draw strength from the cultural diversity of our global workforce that enable our employees to be equal contributors to the firm’s success.

—Pankaj Khanna, Chief People Officer



Diversity is an integral part of our workplace

Diversity of Thought
Diversity of Thought

At Coforge, we thrive on an expansive range of mindsets, thought processes, and perspectives that come together and create synergies that are common for all employees. We channel this diversity of thought through various forums: sessions, events, Yammer, iShare (knowledge management repository), GlobeSmart (learning platform for collaboration – globally) and Re-Ignite (a 360-degree forum to share ideas, thoughts, & knowledge).

Diversity of Culture
Diversity of Culture

Our workforce is global in nature and cultural diversity is a part of our DNA. Being a multinational company, collaborating with people from varied nationalities and cultures is business as usual. It is imperative to learn to interpret others’ behavior from their own perspective and understand how they might interpret our behavior differently because of their different perspectives.

Workforce Diversity/ Generational Diversity
Workforce Diversity/ Generational Diversity

Our workforce represents people across different age groups. Our presence in 21 countries makes us a truly global firm wherein we leverage the opportunities and challenges of a rapidly changing diverse business environment. People from over 47 different nationalities work with us, thus bringing great cultural awareness to the table.


Today’s milestones. Tomorrow’s starting line

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Pillars

Leadership Advocacy
Leadership Advocacy

Effective DEI Engagement has to be led from the top and our leadership champions the cause of a diverse & inclusive workplace through following forums:

  • DEI Dialogues: Fireside chats & Panel Discussions
  • Meet the Leader Series - Leaders as Allies
  • DEI Council
  • Acknowledging women workforce & their contribution
  • Senior Leader Mentorship
  • Live events & coffee-chats ​

DEI Ecosystem
DEI Ecosystem

We continuously strive towards building a conducive ecosystem, where values of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion can prosper:

  • Encouraging Women’s Referrals
  • State of an Art Creche Daycare, Reserved Parking at major locations
  • Careers 2.0 for returning women workforce
  • Introduce non-binary as a gender option
  • Pride at Work Initiatives: inclusive workplaces for LGBTQAI+ employees
  • Integrating employees with Special Needs
  • Equal Opportunity Employer  blurb on all JDs & Career Page
  • DEI In Action – Newsletter
  • Gender Neutrality in Policies 
  • International Women’s Day Celebrations

Awareness & Development Journeys
Awareness & Development Journeys

We believe building inclusive mindsets & skillsets are imperative to align people to take proactive steps  to foster DEI principles in the organisation. Some of our initiatives are: 

  • Habit Calendars on Unconscious Bias
  • Rigor on POSH via annual recertification training
  • Building a robust pipeline of women leaders through development programs like Reach for the Sky, Virtual Collaboration, Managing Hybrid Teams, Resilience in a VUCA world, Building Your Personal Brand, Art of Storytelling
  • Speaker Series on topics of cultural dexterity, emotional intelligence, resilience, and dual careers
  • Campaign on inclusive people practices

Wellness and Wellbeing
Wellness and Wellbeing

We believe that Mental Health and wellbeing of each individual is crucial for general well being and building a robust organisation culture.

  • Relaunch MoMentoring: Mentoring for women during motherhood
  • Workplace Wellness Wednesday
  • Campaigns on Mental Health & Wellness
  • Sessions on Mental Health Talks, Self-Care, and creating psychologically safe workplaces

Celebrating People


DEI in Action

Let’s engage