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Data engineering is a process to extract, transform, and load the data through various platforms so that the data quality, data standardization, data integrity specific needs and requirements are addressed in data journey. In addition to these, Coforge considers following critical aspects of the data engineering solution:

  • Scalability : A well solution design in data engineering can accommodate the data volume and its growth so that the data processing would be controlled effectively and efficiently.
  • Automation : The entire data engineering solution gets automated without any manual interventions to make the data available for the business to take informed decisions.
  • Speed : Irrespective of data volume and variety, the solution would consider the speed of executing the entire process of data engineering quickly and efficiently.

The data engineering solutions get maturity over period based on the evolution of tools and technologies. Coforge leverages the services provided by standard tools. On top of that, it brings different solution components in the form of accelerator frameworks to speed up the execution.

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