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The definition of Data & Analytics has evolved over a period of time. It started as a decision support system with set of reports to the top management for their decisions. Gradually, it has matured to a transformed stage. Data & Analytics specific advisory consulting plays a vital role in understanding the business drivers, goals and objectives. The strategy defines the roadmap to reach to higher maturity through technology advancements and enables the changes.

Coforge helps the organization in multiple ways such as (i) data modernization strategy and roadmap definition, (ii) assessment of any existing solutions to identify the gaps for any improvement, (iii) technology selection and recommendations. Coforge has several case studies based on previous work on defining a new strategy or reviewing any existing strategy.

Coforge has a proven framework that consists of (i) Data & Analytics specific parameters that can be used for defining strategy, (ii) Methodology to conduct the due diligence, (iii) Reusable components such as questionnaires, checklists and delivery templates.

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