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The emergence of new payment models like digital payments, contactless payments, A2A & P2P payments, and the massive expansion of e-commerce has disrupted the payments landscape. Banks and financial institutions seek to leverage the open API ecosystem and rapidly launch new product offerings and value-added services. Data security, privacy, and fraud detection have become top priorities, while cost reduction remains a concern for large incumbent banks and fintechs.

At Coforge, we help our clients build future-proof and secure payment solutions that enable them to stay ahead of the curve. Our event-driven architecture using micro-frontend and microservices helps our clients reduce costs, improve the customer experience, and accelerate product evolution. Our legacy modernization framework allows banks and financial institutions to migrate from legacy to modern distributed platforms. Our team of experts can help banks and financial institutions launch new payment products, optimize payment processing, and enhance customer experience.

Coforge empowers the world's leading financial institutions by building modern payment infrastructure and partnering with multiple banks to revolutionize their payment ecosystems.

We help clients optimize payment systems, including payment processing, fraud management, and reconciliation. By partnering with Coforge, our clients can stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving payments landscape.

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