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Customer & Broker Experience

Insurance brokers play a significant role in the Lloyds & London market. The evolving digital revolution has heightened the need to provide faster services and improve customer and broker experience. Brokers are now seeking faster quotes and decisions so that they can compete for business. They are equally expecting self-service capabilities such as integration with their broker management systems and communications based on their preferences. 

At Coforge, we offer innovative platforms that support an improved experience for brokers and policyholders looking to digitize their interactions. We understand the importance of multigenerational requirements; to fulfil the insurance needs of the London market businesses. We create platforms that supports improved user experiences for agents, policyholders, and prospective clients. With a judicious combination of human logic and machine learning, our approach is supported by intelligent data-driven analysis based on insurance/loss history and outcome prediction resulting in the highly effective closure of new business cases. Our process includes:

  • Employing a cognitive and systematic approach for new submissions to map out current business processes.
  • Designing and implementing new business and quoting capabilities.
  • Integrating with core systems across the insurance value chain.
Insurance - Agent Experience


Insurance - Agent Experience
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