The London market comprises multiple entities offering a wide range of insurance products. To cater to the new-age consumer, insurance carriers are looking to redefine their traditional claims systems to make it more efficient and transparent for agents, brokers, and policyholders. 

Coforge endeavors to support claims management with innovative tools and solutions that validate information, automate redundant tasks and inject efficiency to speed up processes. Combining human logic and emerging technologies, we employ a systematic approach toward cognitive computing for claims management. Our solution includes:

  • AI-based digital business assistants
  • RPA and machine learning for smart workflow automation
  • Multi-currency, multi-lingual, and multi-channel experience all under one window
  • Deep learning and image recognition to reduce human errors
  • Intelligent data-driven analysis for accurate outcome prediction

Our proven record of working with insurance clients for several years makes us a great choice when you need help in designing and implementing critical technologies. With a series of successful implementations of cognitive computing for many insurance businesses, we can deploy APIs for integration with multiple stakeholders for a seamless experience.

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