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Consolidation of Claim Applications for a Global Insurer

The Client

The client is a global insurance, retirements and employee benefits provider with 6000 employees and 13.8 million customers. It had revenue $ USD 8.5 billion for 2018 and $547 billion total assets under management.


Reduce Mainframe footprint in Claims Applications with modern and strategic solutions: Consolidate four different claims mainframe applications. Decommission the legacy Employee Benefits Claim applications and divert the interfaces to new the claim system Align systems to Company’s IT roadmap by using new and emerging technologies (ETL, SFDC Cloud, Oracle financials): Replace the system with Salesforce Database. Divert multiple interfaces such as product configurator, workflow, reporting & manual entries to the target system

The Challenge

Employee Benefits – Claims Applications: Multiple redundant and obsolete legacy Claims Applications for Employee Benefits. These applications could not be integrated with latest technology in the industry.

Employee Benefits – FasTracker Application: The existing application FasTracker was on Sybase platform. It maintained employee benefit sales and premium data for reporting purpose. Maintenance of FasTracker application involved high costs, time and efforts Duplicate data across multiple systems lead to data inconsistency in reports. No consolidated Sales/Premium/Product/ Coverage details available at one place.

The Solution

Consolidation of four Claims Mainframe Applications involving 25 key integration points. Decommission of FasTracker (Power builder) and Sybase database and move everything to existing Salesforce application. Replaced legacy Mainframe Cobol jobs with Informatica jobs with significant performance improvement. Migration of Active data from IBM DB2 database to Oracle using Informatica. Historical Data Archival to Hadoop using Sqoop utility 25 sales and in-force premium reports migrated to Salesforce involving 13 integration points . Designed and Developed unified Claims ODS database in Oracle.

Technology Stack

Applications in Scope:

Four Claim Applications: IBM Mainframe – COBOL, JCL, DB2 Oracle Informatica Hadoop One FasTracker application Power builder Sybase Salesforce Informatica The Impact – Amplifying Outcomes Operating Cost of 4 Legacy Systems of $ 11.5k brought to zero (due to decommissioning) Consolidation of Claims Applications and FasTracker to Salesforce resulting in recurring cost reduction of $650k (approx.) YoY Retirement of 13 EB applications to reduce and simplify EB Application portfolio Digital alignment with new accounting software – Oracle financials and SFDC Introduction of emerging technologies to enhance interfacing & reporting capabilities through ETL and Analytics Integrated EB’s Sales Reporting process into Employee Benefits platform Elimination of redundant business process and Reduce legacy footprint - Mainframe, DB2, PowerBuilder, Sybase Replaced older, non-strategic reporting technologies called Actuate and Hyperion Intelligence

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