Policy Administration

The Life and Annuity insurance industry companies have acquired or merged with various similar carriers over decades, and consequently, their system landscapes have grown phenomenally.

Many insurers now feel the need to consolidate multiple and duplicate systems. Analysts have pointed out more disadvantages like system complexity, aging PAS systems, cost-ineffectiveness in maintaining and upgrading systems, frequent and prolonged outages, all of which virtually negate the competitive edge over other carriers in the market. 

Backed by more than a decade of experience in providing a single insurance platform as a solution for multiple and duplicate policy administration systems (PAS), we have repeatedly demonstrated successful migrations and system consolidations that deliver committed benefits to our clients.

During this journey, we have designed and refined processes to efficiently migrate multiple PAS systems to a single PAS system, thus bringing huge benefits to the clients by reduced complexity and maintenance costs. We have built a suite of accelerators for product setup, data mapping, data transformation, and balancing testing to cut down significant amounts of effort and cost from the entire policy migration process. This allows our clients to optimally use skilled resources and focus on prioritized objectives.  

We have built expertise and mastered the art of migration for various Life & Annuity platforms and applications. We specialize in combining the right bundle of skills and tools to design a unique methodology for package implementation, policy conversion, and comprehensive testing through our certified domain and technical experts.

Our end-to-end technology expertise spans the areas of Design, Application Development, Application Maintenance, Testing, and Migrations. We are one of the top trusted partners for several leading L&A insurers.

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