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Intelligence gathering from medical conferences & effective KOL engagement

Medical Science Liaison (MSL) is a vital role in pharmaceutical & health-care industries. MSL ensures that products are utilized effectively. Scientific experts to internal colleagues, all establish and maintain peer-to-peer relationships with leading physicians/Key Opinion Leaders (KOL). After covid, the team DOL (Digital Opinion Leader) has also grown in the industry.

Typically, there are five to seven Congress annually and nearly 10k abstracts of manuscripts. MSL needs to read these Congress abstracts and point out to MA team as to what is important and priority for them to focus upon. Also, later in the process KOL identification is also very crucial. KOLs are different from traditional influencers, in that they offer meaningful influence and not just a high fan count.

Our Solution:

We provide a solution using IDP to help out MSL and MA teams. The solution automatically curates all the abstracts and their authors’ details at one place. Our centralized repository also contains author’s social media data. Solution then auto-tags and categorizes Congress Abstracts. A user can do analysis with the help of below features:

  • Context based search across abstracts
  • Search abstracts based on relevancy score
  • Author based search
  • Quick read of a tag by highlighting important context from multiple abstracts

Also, using author’s data, system maintains a graphical view of authors interaction based on priority (first author given first priority). System generates an accumulated score in each category for a list of KOL prospects. MSL can further approach and schedule interactions with these identified KOLs.

Business Benefits:

By automating the strength of connections in the domain, one can determine the scope of the work done by an expert in the field of interest. Below are some of the benefits:

  • Overcome any E&Os
  • Provide early warnings & signals
  • Advice on regulatory / approval process
  • Provide information on drug efficacy
  • Evangelize at Congresses
  • Publish articles or papers

When done well, the relationship between MSLs and KOLs is mutually beneficial and promotes growth and understanding across the medical field.

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