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Smarter, Fully Integrated MonaLisa Suite for Airlines


Abstract End-to-end strategic planning, improving revenues, and streamlining internal business processes—Coforge can help you do all this and more. After working for over 20 years in the airline industry with more than 50 airlines, we have achieved economies of scales within limited budget and delivery cycles. How do we make it happen? New ideas that manifest as cost-effective and innovative systems, and more value that is delivered through completely unified, highly efficient, state-of-the-art solutions.

Rising above the Clouds

The airline business, which was profitable till the mid-90s, is now one of the most complicated, competitive, and vulnerable businesses in the world. Rising fuel prices, tougher security measures by individual governments, and difficult global conditions have put pressure on airlines to work hard and operate within the cost parameters

Demands of the fast-evolving global travel market have also made the business of airline revenue accounting complex. There is tremendous pressure to control revenue leakages, and record, monitor, analyze, and collect all types of revenues. Thus, it becomes imperative for airlines to streamline revenue accounting functions and develop a highly effective solution.

Coforge’ deep domain expertise and understanding of the airline industry has made it easier to offer an unmatched value proposition through MonaLisa Airline Solutions Suite to clients in the airline space. With an enviable track record backed by Six Sigma-driven process maturity rigor, we manage the revenue accounting needs of numerous airlines.

Unlock Revenues with Coforge’ Revenue Accounting Ecosystem

MonaLisa offers a gamut of solutions that addresses the requirements of clients in the following areas:

Passenger Revenue Accounting (PRA)

Coforge’ MonaLisa is an efficient, flexible, user-friendly system that helps airlines in Passenger Revenue Accounting, reducing revenue leakages, and maximizing recovery. The solution is compliant with IATA’s Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS) initiative and integrates seamlessly with most legacy systems. MonaLisa is an Oracle-based client/server solution that automates passenger revenue accounting to minimize revenue leakages and improves process efficiency to reduce manual work. Certain cross checks ensure that correct data is imported into the system while unlimited reports provide latest figures.


Flown documents handling

  • Processes electronic, paper coupons, and flight coupons
  • Batch processing
  • Processes and reconciles uplift data with flight schedule and operation systems
  • Loads Passenger Final Sales (PFS) and Passenger Reconcile List (PRL) messages for flown data reconciliation

Sales and flown document-based fully automatic proration

  • Automates application of Multi-lateral Prorate Agreement (MPA) rules; handles complex Special Prorate Agreements (SPAs)
  • Complies with International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) and Automated Clearing House (ACH) and supports ATPCO, IATA, and ARC (AIA) first and final process
  • Carries out Web-based online proration

Clearance and interline audit

  • Ensures fast and efficient interline billing and settlement through IS-WEB and SIS ICH/ACH weekly settlement compliance
  • Automatically detects overbilling and creates rejections through the SIS invoicing module
  • Creates bulk rejections for prime billing
  • Generates multiple rebills of incoming rejections in one single step, significantly decreasing the effort
  • Applies sampling methods

Before we migrated to MonaLisa we were missing out on a lot of Interline revenue, and we were also always facing backlog in our outward billing and rejection processing. Our revenue reporting was often late and incomplete .Now that we’re using the MonaLisa system, which is very easy to use and navigate in, we have no more backlog in our Interline billing, and our billing is complete and accurate. We can run virtually all types of revenue reports our Sr. Management is asking for, and if we have a reporting need that isn’t already available in the system, the MonaLisa Support team always gladly assists in creating customized reports or queries for us.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mandy Ranada Inselair


MonaLisa, with SIS compliance, completely removes paper-based processes and streamlines the entire process for more effective exchange of information on transactions.


Key Features

  • Complies with SIS and Integrated Settlement (IS)
  • Offers more transmission options with IS-WEB, IS-IDEC, and IS-XML
  • Eliminates the need for reconciliation
  • Offers paperless invoices and document storage support
  • Offers auto billing


With Coforge’ ACH-compliant MonaLisa, airlines can settle through both clearing houses (ICH & ACH) and comply with their respective proration methodology.


Key Features

  • Automates proration handling for ACH and ICH
  • Verifies tax and passenger facility charges
  • Issues invoices in Canadian Dollar
  • Provides accurate compliance with US regulations
  • Offers Inter-clearance recap sheet
  • Loads domestic fare
  • Levies Canadian Navigational (NAVCAN) surcharge

Fare Audit

Coforge’ Fare Audit services help determine discrepancies within fares, taxes, RBD, refunds, and commissions and accordingly generate ADMs and ACMs. The auditing process can be sub-divided into three parts:

  • Sales Audit
    • Fare Audit
    • Tax Audit
    • RBD Audit
    • Interline Audit
    • Commission Audit
  • Refund Audit
  • Exchange Audit

Key Features

  • Interline billing services—full interline billing audit, first interline audit of prime billings, second interline audit of accepted billings
  • Detects under-collection in fare, tax, and wrong commission calculations
  • Detects misuse of Carrier Identification Plate (CIP)
  • Detects rule violations
  • Creates ADM/ACM for uploads to BSP link
  • Determines revenue leakage
  • Provides historic ticket data with transaction and corresponding value
  • Determines duplicate/wrong refunds and exchanges
  • Simplifies and automates creation of ADMs
  • Provides difference run for quick identification of flown coupons that do not have associated sales
  • Provides FROP import facility/import fares from excel/SITA airfare.
  • Provides comprehensive reporting with export functionality to Excel or CSV file

Route Profit Analyzer (RPA)

Coforge’ RPA solution is a critical medium that empowers CXOs to retrieve appropriate and precise route performance data. It empowers airlines with an integrated analytics engine that provides improved decision-making and enhances forecasting capabilities to help identify revenue optimization and cost control opportunities. These opportunities can be used for simulating future business processes to rein in the costs and maximize revenue from each route.

Coforge’ RPA solution is a critical medium that empowers CXOs to retrieve appropriate and precise route performance data. It empowers airlines with an integrated analytics engine that provides improved decision-making and enhances forecasting capabilities to help identify revenue optimization and cost control opportunities. These opportunities can be used for simulating future business processes to rein in the costs and maximize revenue from each route.


Key Features

  • Data analytics—periodic, operational, traffic type, cost, revenue, and profit analytics
  • Monitors key performance indicators
  • Facilitates data mining, reporting, and has a powerful 'what if' forecast feature using scenario builds
  • Offers post-flight analysis

Coforge’ Revenue Analytics tool helps analyze different variables that impact revenue, taking into account the different dimensions of changing customer behavior and evolving market conditions among others. Revenue Analytics is a powerful tool that facilitates data mining and reporting, improving the decision-making process.


Key Features

  • Interactive dashboard
    • Provides views of important metrics and reports in the form of charts, tickers, and more
    • Allows users to view data and drill-down
  • Web-based user interface to instantaneously see multiple views of available data

Miscellaneous Billing

Coforge' MonaLisa Miscellaneous Billing solution has taken the lead in International Air Transport Association's (IATA's) plan to migrate the industry to electronic billing and settlements. We work closely with airlines for Miscellaneous Billing and SIS compliance. Coforge provides its clients step-by-step support, guidelines, and instruction in the connectivity, sandbox, and certification testing process for receiving a certification status report from IATA-SIS.


Key Features

  • Reviews and approves invoices
  • Creates SIS-compliant output—IS-XML files for miscellaneous billing invoices
  • Performs interline billing, control, and processing; IS-XML import; dynamic error list
  • Links and archives supporting documents
  • Performs contract management; maintains master data and flight operation data
  • Provides auto pricing rule-based engine
  • Web-based solution
  • Generates accounting postings—General Ledger

New Distribution Capability (NDC)

Coforge has been involved with the NDC initiative, and is actively participating in various IATA-NDC workgroups. Our team works with industry veterans for chalking out this futuristic solution with leading airlines and Travel Management Company (TMC) partners to understand the impact of NDC on existing processes and IT systems.

Coforge provides consulting and IT services for airlines, TMC, and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) for implementing NDC.


Key Features

  • Impact Analysis: Our teams can analyze impact of NDC on existing business processes and IT systems for reservation, fulfillment, Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD), customer service, booking management, interlining, and revenue accounting. We also help you find specific solutions to overcome your organization’s NDC-related challenges.
  • Business Process Modeling: We re-model critical business processes to minimize impact on productivity and efficiency
  • Proof of Concepts (POCs): We can conduct NDC-related proof of concepts to validate the NDC framework for your organization. This includes IT development, Business Process Management (BPM), and vendor management activities.

Delivering More Value

  • More Satisfaction: We provide cost-effective, flexible, innovative, and customizable revenue accounting processes. Our interventions have helped improve client relations with the interline partners, and assisted in non-judicial resolution of disputes. “What-if” analysis, scenario builds, and simulations lead to an accurate and faster decision-making.
  • More Revenues: Cash flow improvements ensure minimal revenue leakages and greater ROI for clients. Also, bottom-lines get enhanced through billing accuracy measures.
  • More Improvements: We reduce associated risks and turnaround time of services offered. Streamlined processes lead to more effective and accurate exchange of transaction information. A unified version of airline operations ensures that all airline officials receive the same information at a single point in time.
  • More Employee-friendliness: Our integrated solution improves employee productivity, and reduces data collation efforts, costs involved in training employees, and retention and turnover issues.
  • More Compliance: We assure regulatory compliance through information transparency.
  • More Nimbleness: Our solution provides real-time, multi-level, and multi-dimensional reports and quick search functionalities.
  • More Efficiency: With our integrated and scalable solution, clients achieve process efficiency.
  • More Integration: Our solution integrates revenue, cost, and operational data for the management to take corrective action.
  • More Consolidation: We consolidate data into a centralized database using Extract Transform Load (ETL) tools.
  • More Customization: Customized dashboards and reports are provided.

The Coforge Advantage

Coforge is a leading IT solutions organization, servicing customers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. We have been serving the airline industry for more than 20 years and have provided solutions to over 50 airlines across the globe. With our service vision “New Ideas More Value,” we aim to provide service excellence to our customers through our capability and expertise in this domain:

  • Our extensive focus on the travel vertical (accounting for a significant chunk of our overall revenues) guarantees a committed, long-term solution partner.
  • With experience in implementing large programs for leading airlines globally, we enable faster and risk-free product implementation.
  • Leveraging our extensive system integration experience, we support you with ready assets for smooth integration with ERP and airline-specific systems.
  • Being IATA’s strategic partners, we actively participate in various NDC workgroups.
  • Our travel-focused global account management team facilitates local support and a single point of contact.
  • With success in similar partnership models, we have the ability to serve as a single point of ownership for solution implementation, sales support, and maintenance.
  • As a right-sized partner, we offer flexibility and a smart delivery model to become the first choice for our clients.
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