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Maximize Revenue with the MonaLisa Passenger Revenue Accounting System

Accurate and on-time passenger revenue accounting with actionable intelligence may seem hard to achieve. Not when you have Coforge’ MonaLisa Passenger Revenue Accounting system. Easy to integrate even in complex IT environments, MonaLisa automates the complex ticketing process and delivers more value by enabling greater revenue potential, improved cash flow, and informed decision-making.

Do not Let Volatility Clip Your Wingst

The airline industry is witnessing significant changes, with profitability being directly impacted by the volatile economic conditions, rising fuel prices, and stiff competition from low-cost carriers. Combating these forces calls for airlines to innovate in newer ways to manage their operations and streamline processes to maximize the outcome of their investments.

Passenger Revenue Accounting (PRA) is an important business function that has a major impact on revenue generation, and hence, on profitability. It is critical to infuse PRA systems with the right technology so that airline managers can access, process, and analyze information rapidly to meet revenue and efficiency goals. MonaLisa, Coforge’ Passenger Revenue Accounting system, can help airline managers do just that. MonaLisa is an efficient, flexible, user friendly, and future-oriented system that helps curtail revenue leakage and maximize revenue recovery

With Monalisa, Adria could manage 100% increase in passenger load very effectively with just 50% staff, bringing dramatic productivity improvements.

Mateja Stamcar
Revenue Accounting Manager, Adria Airways

Break the Revenue Barrier with MonaLisa

MonaLisa is a state-of-the-art, easily customizable passenger revenue accounting solution that can automate the complex ticketing process and generate actionable intelligence. MonaLisa can be used for revenue accounting, route profitability analysis, airline operations, and revenue analytics The solution is compliant with IATA’s Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS) initiative and integrates seamlessly with most legacy systems. Airline companies can avail the solution by either acquiring the license or partnering with Coforge for its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mode of delivery.


Key Solution Features

  • Application Access

    • MonaLisa can be accessed as a client server as well as a Web-based application
  • Sales Data Handling and Processing

    • Sales, refunds, unreported sales, and exchanges
  • Fare and Sales Audit

    • Checks sales according to fare rules, taxes, and commissions
    • Agency Debit Memos (ADM) / Agency Credit Memos (ACM)
    • Fare Rule Output Product (FROP) import facility
  • Flown Document Handling and Processing

    • Handling of all kind of electronic and paper coupons
    • Flight coupons monitoring
    • Automated Ticket & Boarding Pass (ATB) coupon processing
    • Reconciliation of uplift data with flight schedule and operational system
  • Interface

    • General ledger and data warehouse interfaces
    • Flight coupons monitoring
    • Automated Ticket & Boarding Pass (ATB) coupon processing
    • Reconciliation of uplift data with flight schedule and operational system
  • Interline Billing

    • Generates and prints:
      • Interline invoices
      • IATA Clearing House (ICH) forms and Web12 files
      • Interline Data Exchange Centre (IDEC), Airlines Clearing House, (ACH) and SIS compliant formats
    • Paperless billing
    • Sampling
  • Reconciliation
  • Direct Customer Invoicing
  • Backup Tool—Archiving Old Data on Demand
  • Fully Automated Proration Based on Sales and Distance Flown

    • Fully integrated prorate engine
    • Caters for Special-Pro-Rate-Agreements (SPA) (complex SPAs) and Multilateral Prorate Agreements (MPA)
    • Handles proration as per Prorate Manual Passenger (PMP)
    • Can be configured as fully or semi-automated
    • ACH proration
  • Ticket Stock Administration and Control
  • Ticket History

    • Presents whole lifecycle of a ticket
    • Provides quick links to all modules with\ transaction details
  • Difference Run

    • Unutilized travel revenue calculation
  • Fully Automated Import Tool for all Industry Standard Files
  • General Check Structure

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Compliant
  • Comprehensive Reporting with more than 200 Reports
    • Facility to export to Excel or CSV files
  • System Maturity and Stability

Delivering More Value

Our proven expertise and capabilities in revenue accounting is validated by the trust that over 40 global airlines have placed in us for their solution requirements. By leveraging the MonaLisa Passenger Revenue Accounting system, we help clients realize tangible benefits through the optimized use of network-wide resources:

  • Cost-efficient and innovative revenue accounting processes
  • Improved cash flow through detection of unrealized revenue
  • Minimized revenue leakag
  • Reduced turnaround time
  • Increased ROI and reduced risk: driven by depth of experience
  • Improved relations with interline partners
  • Increased flexibility and customizability
  • Reduced employee training, greater retention, and fewer turnover issues
  • Assured regulatory compliance through information transparency
  • Enhanced bottom line through billing accuracy measures

The Coforge Advantage

The travel and transportation (T&T) vertical accounts for a significant chunk of Coforge’ overall revenue, and is a key focus area for the company’s management. We have gained extensive competence and experience in the T&T business by building long-term relationships with over 50 leading airlines, airports, travel distribution, and logistics companies. This sharp industry focus is complemented by our rich technology expertise, resulting in efficient, scalable, secure and robust solutions that are tailored to the needs of each enterprise.

Over the years, we have created outcomes that matter for our clients by driving IT strategies to maximize revenue, reduce costs, accelerate growth, and increase operational efficiency. It is not just our T&T clients who see us a trusted partner—our work is recognized by the industry as well. Coforge was ranked #1 in the travel sector by the Black Book of Outsourcing three times in a row. From providing valuable business intelligence to unlocking greater operational agility, count on us to help shape and sustain your competitive edge.

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