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Make Innovative, Real-time Enterprise Mobility Solutions a Reality

From improving operational efficiencies, generating revenues, and reducing costs to enhancing the customer experience–the explosive growth in mobile technology is impacting every sphere of the business landscape. While companies today make only limited use of mobile applications, the increased focus on driving application development for mobile solutions is a reality. But how does mobility fit into your business plan? Coforge helps you develop a well-defined, practical and robust mobile strategy that reduces time-to-market and ensures effectiveness.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with our Solutions

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, it is critical for global banks and financial services (BFS) institutions to implement customer-centric solutions that reduce development costs and time-to-market for new products significantly. At Coforge, we work towards becoming your trusted business partners and adding value to your mobility solutions.

For the BFS industry we offer in-depth mobile technology expertise, deep domain knowledge, and vast experience to help create specialized mobile solutions. Over 1,000 dedicated resources provide our BFS clients with solutions for multiple domains, sub-domains, and IT needs. This gives us the leverage to deliver comprehensive and cost-effective mobility solutions to meet your every requirement.


A Comprehensive Suite of Solutions for Your Every Need

Consulting Services

Before you opt for a solution, you need to understand where to begin. Coforge helps you simplify the answer. Our end-to-end capabilities in mobile financial services begin with Mobile Consulting, identifying the right solution for our clients and helping them adapt to rapidly changing market dynamics. We have extensive development capabilities across all key mobile technologies and platforms.

brochure13Mobile Testing

Our expert testing team brings proven industry best practices to every testing engagement and ensures quality excellence at every stage of development. Our testing framework capabilities for mobile applications include:

  • Functionality testing
  • Performance testing
  • Platform/Integration testing
  • Usability testing
  • Stress/Load testing
  • Regression and automation testing
  • Field testing

User Interface Design

The user experience of your application or product can be the key differentiator between success and failure. At Coforge, given our focus on enhancing and ensuring a premium user experience, we have a dedicated designer team to work on the innovative user interface of mobile applications. Our User Experience (UX) team works in close association with our development practice to ensure a collaborative, efficient, and user-friendly solution.

App Store Submission

We also guide and assist clients to submit applications to different mobile app stores by using the right tools.

Specific Solutions for Banking and Financial Services

brochure14Mobile Stock Trading Application

Coforge offers best-in-class Stock Trading Application design, development, and implementation for financial institutions on mobile devices. We employ a unique combination of domain expertise, software engineering, and solution design excellence as well as the proven capabilities of industry leading products to address the unique and challenging compliance needs of global organizations.

The solution offered is a scalable stock trading application that addresses the organization’s time-to-market challenges. The framework is based on a hybrid approach making use of Coforge’ design expertise and maximizing reuse of components to enable quick launches on all mobile platforms.


Stock Quotes: Users can view real-time stock quotes.

Portfolio: Users can have their own portfolio in which the details of stock quotes can be added and tracked.

Account Management: Users can create individual accounts, edit preferences, and even delete user accounts for online trading as well as manage preferences related to trading options.

Real-time Charts: Charts provide users with the trends for stocks over a period of time with the option to view different types of charts.

Trade Feature: Facilitates users to request for the 'Bid' & 'Ask' price of the selected security and enables users to view exhaustive information of selected stock. It also provides details of the booked orders such as bid price, bid volume, ask price, and ask volume.

Order Status: Users can view the order status in which they can view the detail of the order and the current status.

News: Provides top 10 news headlines related to the portfolio under consideration.

Mobile Website Transformation

Coforge has created a solution to develop optimized websites for mobile browsers without touching the business logic layer of the existing website. The solution uses the presentation layer of the existing website for all the data interaction with backend systems. Users can search the data and even transact through their mobile browsers.


Tools & Technologies

The solution has been developed using ASP .NET as a development language. Open source Wireless Universal Resource File (WURFL) database was used to detect device capabilities.

Enterprise Mobility

This application mobilizes the organization’s Leave and Travel authorization workflow. Managers can approve the leave and travel requests on the fly by using their mobile phones. The application is intended to run on Blackberry, JavaME, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms. At the backend, the system is integrated with SAP servers.

Tools & Technologies

The application is developed using MITR platform in Java. At the server side, the Web services are exposed at the middle tier that uses SAP connectors at the other end to integrate with SAP servers.


The following diagram briefly explains the architecture:


Mobile Application for SAP

Our mobile application for SAP uses a middleware platform to extract data from the backend data repository of SAP and deliver it on mobile phones and other handheld enterprise connectivity devices. With this mobile application, sales personnel can interact with SAP directly from their mobile devices. They can query customer or product information on the move—directly from SAP— significantly improving their responsiveness and productivity in the market place.


  • Wide range of mobile platforms supported (more than 150 different devices)
  • Fully customizable
  • Low cost of ownership

Key Consideration

This framework allows us to quickly plug into different enterprise backend systems


The Coforge Advantage

With the evolution of the mobile technology landscape, selecting the right technology and business partner has become fundamental to ensure that best practices are implemented and the solution is a strategic fit. Coforge’ mobility service offerings have evolved over time and extended to different areas including mobile application development and mobile analytics. Our mobile Center of Competence (CoC) builds strategic mobile solutions by establishing roadmaps and enabling usage of appropriate tools to ensure the client receives maximum value. We work with alliance partners in our CoCs to develop expertise on multiple mobile platforms and stay ahead of the industry demands.

Our integrated mobility solutions automate time-consuming manual business processes that hinder productivity and efficiency. Our vast experience in the banking and financial services domain enables us to tailor our mobility solution offerings to meet disparate demands based on specific business needs, and help our clients to focus on core business activities.

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