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Intelligent Analytics for Life Sciences

Life Sciences organisations are inexhaustible mines of data, the sheer amount of data generated each minute can be staggering, but the real question is – are you using this pool of data intelligently? In this age of Big Data, organisations need a comprehensive data strategy to work in tandem with their business goals and enterprises with a focused approach to data analytics are already ahead of the curve. Life Sciences organisations need to embrace new age technologies like AI, ML, NLP and self-learning for true intelligence leading to actionable insights. With the wave of digital transformation blowing across the industry, key trends like AI and Enhanced analytics for drug research, real world evidence & clinical evidence based tracking, population identification using AI, and Clinical Data integration & management will be the norm of future. This digital transformation has been accelerated with the onset of Covid, which has disrupted existing trials to give way for new ones; not only has this jumbled the existing analytics but also created a demand for better digital engagement with patients, patient identification, patient outreach and remote monitoring for the new trials. All of this points the industry in one direction and that is intelligent analytics.

 Our Approach

At Coforge, we have wrapped our industry domain expertise and industry leading capabilities in data and analytics to provide a host of services across all key functions of the Life Sciences value chain – from drug discovery to commercialization and drug safety. Our proven capabilities in Data and Analytics across the Industries and the rich experience enables in bringing advanced methods, products, solutions and approaches that offered significant values.

Some of the focus areas where we can add value to our life sciences customers are:-

Patient Stratification: We help analyse demographics, and historical data to identifying niche patient population resulting in an increased pace of trial and reduced cost

Drug Repurposing: Highly trained resources, with strong industry expertise, can aid in drug based reposition on similarity profile and target based repositioning using network analysis to identify new uses for approved or investigational drugs. This can significantly lower the overall development cost and shorten the development time.

Drug-Drug Interactions: Our services around mining and analysing databases like Twosides, IQVIA, and Drugbank can result in better identification of DDI, which can otherwise hamper the drug effectiveness and even cause side effects.

Adverse Events Prediction: We help analyze data from multiple sources like EHR, Clinical, social media and literature to identify targets / pathways / side effects profile / drug structural similarity. This leads to prediction and prevention of ADRs before the clinical trials in early stage of the drug development pipeline. This can help to enhance drug safety and reduce financial burden.

Product Safety & Sentiment Analysis: Our team can analyze social media data, web scrapping data and sentiment analysis from unstructured data to sense early warning signal about product safety issues and public sentiment about the product or company.

Pharmacovigilance in Phase IV: Our capabilities help in data acquisition, integration and extraction of unstructured data from AER tools, emails, and mobile devices further to which we leverage ML based classification model which helps in better surveillance and validation of spontaneously reported adverse events.

Drug Combination Prediction: Synergistic effects of drug combinations can be exploited as potential drugs for complex diseases. We aid this by leveraging network based synergies and ML based approach centered on multiple drug attributes.

Commercial Analytics: Our services aid in transforming the commercial Analytics from disparate Prescriber, Sales and Consumer data to a completely integrated solution that is focused and driven by Physician and Patient needs. RWE based, AI & ML driven analytics aids in Consumer centered measurement and guidance.

Data Quality Analysis and Reporting: Our Quality Engineering & Analysis services will enable clients to identify the gaps and inconsistencies in data transformation that results in ensuring precise outcome predictions, on-time alerting and accurate reconciliations to name some key values.

Coforge Advantage

Coforge, with our deep industry knowledge and core expertise in Data and Analytics, can customise a data strategy which is in tandem with the organisation’s business goals. We have a strong practice with more than 100 consultants, 100 plus projects, and 50 plus active customers. Our resources having strong understanding and expertise on platforms like Veeva Systems, Sitecore, Microsoft Azure, Denodo, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Snowflake and the likes bolster our capabilities. We support our clients from advisory to implementation with a host of solution of solutions to modernize, monetize, manage, and cognize your data. Our strong capabilities in Data and Analytics has transformed enterprises spanning across industries, empowering them with a 360 degree view using analytics. We can be your single touch point for all the data needs and effectively monetize your data with insights from new age intelligent analytics like AI, ML, and AI Driven predictive analytics.



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