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Coforge - Reinventing Insurance with AI/ML Offerings

Coforge’s AI Service Line

Coforge’s AI Service Line has identified high potential areas within Insurance domain that can be optimized with Artificial Intelligence. These areas can provide significant savings and/or increase top line for the client. Please find below The insurance value chain which can be addressed with Artificial Intelligence is given below


To deliver on the above described high level Insurance value chain, we have developed our own IPs, Accelerators and Frameworks.

  • IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) – Textual Analytics such as Document Analysis, Sentiment Analysis etc.
  • ML Ops
  • Chatbots



  • Document/Content Extraction: Extract attributes/content from any size of documents including specialized attributes such as clauses, conditions amount, dates, address etc.
  • Semantic Search: Search document using content and intent
  • Document summarization: Summarize large document to extract important and relevant terms and provide summarized report
  • Document Clustering: Cluster document as per content and intent
  • Knowledge Graph: Extract entities and relationships among single/multiple documents
  • Other Features: Sentiment Analysis etc.



  • Enterprise wide ML Ops and Streaming AI platform
  • Implement common frameworks for end to end AI/ML model management
  • Typical use cases category:
    • Anomaly Detection
    • Alerting/Notification
    • Real time advisory etc.


  • Chatbot’s are broadly defined by 5 stages:
  • Stage 1: Basic
  • Stage 2: Integrated
  • Stage 3: Contextual
  • Stage 4: Multi-Modal
  • Stage 5: Enterprise

We have developed our own Chatbot Framework which helps organizations leverage their underlying infrastructure and augment their capability, taking them step by step to from stage 1 to stage 5.


It works on simplistic chatbot builder strategy of I3: Interface (Work with many interfaces e.g. MS Teams, Whatsapp, Skype etc.), Intelligent (Build Intelligence by using RASA, Bot Framework, Lex, Dialogflow), Integration (Integration with systems such as DuckCreek, Guidewire, ServiceNow, UiPath, SAP, Oracle, Sitecore, Sabre etc.)


Some of the use cases for Insurance Industry based on the above IPs/Accelerators/Frameworks:


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