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Improving Operational Stability with Crew Management Solutions

Whether you are a new airline looking to optimize your crew planning or a mature airline looking for crew management, Coforge has a solution that is right for you. Our flight operations and crew management experts support crew management system implementation, compliance with both civil aviation requirements and operators’ responsibility, and development of interfaces. We have been successful in delivering a flawless, bug-free solution that delivers continual value—a world-class customer experience.

Take Control - Make Progress

Crew constitutes the second most expensive resource in an airline’s direct operating costs. A small improvement in crew productivity and optimization leads to significant increase in airline profits. Thus, airlines are focusing on reducing crew related costs, and optimizing utilization of crew and other resources by streamlining their business processes related to crew management. This can be achieved by using more advanced and feature-rich crew management software and interconnecting all the other essential airline systems with the crew management system to provide enhanced productivity, visibility, single source of truth, and seamless data flow.

Interconnected systems avoid duplication and additional manpower by having a unified data entry and capture point. Evolving aviation safety, growing air traffic, and stringent crew fatigue risk management standards result in changes in regulatory requirements, and thereby leading to continuous changes in statutory and business rules across airline operations.

Implementing these complex rules and verifying them require knowledge of critical crew policies and airline operational systems.

Our Solution

Coforge' team has expertise in crew management and capability in developing interfaces between your crew management and the airline IT ecosystems. Our in-depth knowledge of crew planning, rostering, and tracking applications such as Jeppesen Crew Tracking, Maestro Lines, eMaestro, Carmen Trip Planning & Carmen Rostering systems, AIMS, iFlight, and ARMS, enables us to smoothly implement solutions and associated business process changes. We possess reusable test assets and in-depth knowledge of business rules—the most complex area of crew management. Thorough understanding of business and global aviation safety regulations helps us validate the changes made in airline systems.

Our crew management solution covers areas that need to be interfaced with various other airlines systems:

  • Airline Manpower Planning
  • Crew Agreements / Contracts
  • Rule Engine
  • Crew Pairing
  • Crew Records, Crew Training Planning
  • Crew Rostering
  • Tail Assignment
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Crew Tracking
  • Disruption Management
  • Crew Recovery, Passenger Recovery
  • Fatigue Risk Management
  • Crew Web Portal and Mobile App

Testing Services

Our team has extensive business knowledge in testing systems that have migrated data from legacy to new-gen platforms. We have developed a Testing Center of Excellence that has reusable test assets and frameworks to improve quality and performance, and reduce costs and chances of failure. We offer a ready-made test case repository and regression bucket with around 3000 test cases in the area of crew management system testing.

As a System Integrator, our services include program management, testing, and interface development for crew management systems.

  • Program Management

    • Planning
    • Program Governance
    • Risk/Issue Management
    • Change Management
    • Business Analysis
  • Interface Development (Integration Platforms and Responsive Web Apps)
    • Interfacing of crew management suite with other airline operations systems. This allows seamless data exchange between the crew management system and solutions from various departments:


    • Other operational applications: There are many applications such as flight planning, W&B, Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), dashboards used by IOCC/OCC, apps for crew, and solutions for airport or ground staff to view and consolidate required information at one place and handle disruption on the day of operation. These applications require crew information on a daily basis.
    • If the airline is using other vendors’ products for crew related modules such as crew pairing, crew rostering, crew tracking, and movement manager, then these modules must be seamlessly integrated to facilitate a smooth rostering and tracking process.
    • Coforge follows a structured phase-wise interface development approach.
  • Testing Services

    • Coforge has a proven track record in testing crew management solutions for crew planning, crew pairing, crew training, crew rostering, and business rules around flight time limitation. We offer the following testing services to our clients:
      • Test management across business and IT
      • Integration testing for interfaces
      • Regression and end-to-end testing
      • Performance testing
      • User acceptance testing

Delivering More Value

  • More Expertise: Our program management competence ensures accountability, planned, risk-free business delivery, and fulfillment of needs and expectations of stakeholders. Our existing test case repository of 3000 test cases reduces turnaround time and test cycle execution time significantly.
  • More Alignment: We have defined success metrics aligned to your KPIs
  • More Quality: We track progress of the project and actively manage it to ensure quality deliverables, reduced risk, and early ROI.
  • More Comprehensive: We ensure completeness of test scenarios and faster test case design time.
  • More Improvement: Our team optimizes processes and reduces chances of information duplication. Our understanding of crew management and flight operations with its upstream and downstream processes ensures that clients can carry out risk-based testing on major workflows of all applications, resulting in faster time-to-market with early rollouts and release upgrades, and superior deliverables.
  • More Compliance: Easy availability of domain and testing consultants proficient in crew management domain ensures adherence to airline industry and regulatory requirements.
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