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Healthcare Digital Experience Strategy with Sitecore

Health care and Life Sciences is a complex industry to navigate with myriads of hurdles in the form of processes tangled with increase in regulations, customer experience, customer data and digitalization. While consumer voice has become the new normal in a world of digital business, health industry has lagged behind. The dissatisfaction among consumers gets converted to lost revenue. Reasons behind an unsatisfied customer can be unstructured data on the website, lack control over content, and deciphering complex data, customer journeys, and information needs.

Our Solution

With the above thought in mind, Coforge has leveraged an alliance model with Sitecore, a global leader in customer experience management. We package our services to deliver a flawless digital experience across Greenfield implementations, upgrading existing implementations, and maintaining/enhancing production applications. With extensive experience across all aspects of the Sitecore platform, we have helped our healthcare customers with their enterprise platform integrations, content needs, digital marketing campaigns, analytics analysis, customer experience and personalization, and content testing.

Below is a snapshot of key areas where we leverage Sitecore Digital Experience to provide a budget friendly and timeline compliant service to achieve your digital aim and customer expectations.


Coforge’ experience with global leading engagement platforms can help you own your customer experience by leveraging automated contextual marketing supported by machine learning to drive real time personalisation across all channels. Below is the bird eye view of our Digital Strategy:

Coforge Advantage

Coforge’ Sitecore practice is our deepest CMS partnership, going back eight years. We have helped clients across geographies, industries and sizes, across implementations, upgrading, migration and maintaining/enhancing production applications. With more than 50 Sitecore certified professionals, 200+ Sitecore trained developers, more than a dozen Sitecore architects, and a Sitecore MVP, we strive to deliver flawless digital transformation for your organization.

Our services on Sitecore spans across the horizon – Digital strategy, UX/UI & design, end to end experience portal development, advanced SBOS personalization and contextual marketing, Sitecore architecture, implementation, configuration and environment audits, integrations with middle/back office, 3rd party and sales force marketing cloud, Sitecore upgrades, migrations, and infrastructure & operation support (24*7) – allowing us to be a single touch point for all your digital needs.

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