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Delivering Reliable and Robust Duck Creek QA Services


How do insurers using Duck Creek Technologies’ (DCT) Policy Administration Systems (PAS) ensure reliability? Are they doing enough on this front or are they missing a vital point? Failure can be costly for insurers. A delayed transaction or a mishandled issue can result in reputational damage and loss of business.

To ensure that IT systems do not fail, insurers should carry out quality assurance as the final step of the implementation and maintenance and support process. Coforge, with Duck Creek testing experts, best-in-class testing framework, and tools for both manual and automation testing, ensures that glitches are identified and rectified before the system goes live

Quality: A Cut above the Rest

Insurers are reassessing their existing business models and processes in a bid to increase revenue and growth. They believe that time-to-market is a critical success factor that needs to be reduced by carrying out robust quality assurance for new product innovation and launch.

Insurers move to the DCT PAS platform for its robustness and agility, which enables quick implementation of changes. However, rushing through the implementation cycle can put product quality at risk. Ensuring that testing is the final stage of the implementation process allows issues to be fixed before the system goes live. DCT system testing has its own challenges such as unavailability of SMEs/business users, time limitation, and so on. Organizations must strive to find an optimal solution with a trade-off between assuring quality and reducing project costs and time taken for test schedules.

Our Capabilities

Coforge has extensive experience in implementing the Duck Creek PAS platform, providing clients development, quality assurance (QA), and business analysis (BA) services. Our in-depth domain knowledge, customized testing frameworks, and proprietary tools enable clients to focus on quality assurance of all critical business workflows. We prioritize test cases using automation tools based on the impact that the failure of the business functionality and its reoccurrence will have on the business.


Customized Testing Methodologies and Frameworks

Coforge has robust frameworks and solutions that deliver value-added services to your customers. Our frameworks and tools for DCT testing include:

  • Enablers—test case repository
  • Regression test automation framework (QTP/AutomatePlus/TAC)
  • Knowledge management and knowledge transition framework (N-Tran)
  • CMMI-assessed templates and metrics
  • Agile guidelines for development, support and maintenance, and quality assurance activities
  • Competency framework

Best-of-Breed Tools for QA Support on Duck Creek

Coforge delivers quick and reliable QA services for the DCT platform. Our best-in-class testing tools ensure efficient test cases are created for regression testing, functional testing, integration testing, smoke testing, and unit testing. Our expertise in automation of test suites during smoke and regression testing significantly reduces testing time.

Our testing tools include:

  • AutomatePlus-records and plays test scenarios on DCT Express
  • Policy Transaction Tool-performs transactions with ease without logging into DCT platform
  • Extract Premium-obtains premium details at various levels (Risk, Coverage, Policy) from Policy XML
  • Policy Copy Tool-downloads DCT policy from high risk environments to lower risk environments
  • Policy Search Tool-searches DCT policies based on specific criteria from database
  • Test Case Creation Tool-creates test cases based on templates
  • Service Dashboard-provides status of services integrated with the DCT platform

Testing Expertise across Multiple Property & Casualty (P&C) Line of Businesses (LOBs)

Coforge has a large pool of domain-certified (AINS & CPCU) testing experts and deep experience in DCT testing across major LOBs in Personal, Commercial, and Specialty Insurance. We ensure early detection of business critical defects and minimize reputational and financial loss, customer churn, and penalties.

Extensive Experience in QA Services

Coforge has decades-long experience in DCT implementation, maintenance, and quality assurance in the following areas:

  • Implementation and upgrade of all major versions of Duck Creek (including 6.X)
  • Integration framework for interfaces and third-party application
  • Major state rollouts in the US
  • Policy renewal conversion
  • Test automation (Regression and Functional)

Success Story 1: Implemented Best QA Practices for a US-based P&C Insurance Carrier

We helped one of the top national P&C insurance carriers in the US market, offering both Personal (Personal Home, Auto, Dwelling Fire, Package) as well as Commercial (Package, Business Owner, Auto) lines to its customers. The client’s DCT implementation was running behind schedule and was incurring costs of about $2 million per month. The client needed a partner who could quickly chip in and ensure quality of deliverables without any additional cost.

Coforge was chosen as a strategic IT partner for Duck Creek QA activities for both personal and commercial lines platforms. An onshore/offshore model (a ratio of 1:6) was deployed for the client, resulting in significant cost savings. We reduced their testing time significantly by implementing standard QA best practices and processes, leveraging templates originating from CMMI Level 5 and by automating smoke testing for a weekly release cycle using AutomatePlus (an in-house automation tool).

Success Story 2: Provided QA Services for a Leading P&C Insurance Carrier

We assisted a 100-year-old leading P&C insurance carrier in migrating its Business Owner Policy (BOP), Auto, Workers Compensation (WC), Errors & Omissions (E&O) Policy Quote/Issue from legacy PAS to Duck Creek. We delivered quality assurance services across the entire gamut of functional areas including BOP, Auto, E&O, and WC. QA services spanned test case development, manual and automated test execution, regression suite creation and execution.

This engagement delivered the following benefits to the client:

  • Reduced regression testing effort by 65%
  • Reduced QA execution cost with automation
  • Implemented best practices and testing processes
  • Created a defects knowledge repository
  • Provided a scalable QA framework that can be leveraged across LOBs

The Coforge Advantage

What is better than leveraging a trusted partner who delivers when it matters the most?

Built on CMMi 5 QA processes and strong testing experience, our Duck Creek QA service helps you deliver reliable solutions with speed. Our tried-and-tested “No Surprise” model ensures reliability for both new implementation and support and maintenance projects.

With our large repository of test cases and best-in-class automation tools, we ensure an agile and cost-effective delivery. We also ensure timely inclusion of last-minute updates,be it a new requirement or change in any existing requirement to meet your ever-increasing technology needs. We aim for improved efficiencies through the effective use of frameworks and tools.

At Coforge, we give utmost importance to quality and reliability of our client deliverables, whether it is a small modification or a new DCT implementation. We respond effectively to changing business dynamics and accelerate your transformation journey by timely detection and complete resolution of defect leakage. Count on our deep domain expertise, technology capabilities, and proven processes to insure today and tomorrow.

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