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Coforge's DSCSA compliant Blockchain based Digital solution to eliminate drug counterfeits to save human lives and improve quality of care

Pharmaceutical supply chain is a complex ecosystem with multiple stakeholders. This complexity has increased further with supply chain becoming more global than ever. A lack of seamless information flow among the stakeholders poses a challenge in regulating the flow of drugs from manufacturers to consumers. The opaqueness of the ecosystem makes it conducive for the entry of counterfeit or harmful drugs which has an impact on human life and leads loss of revenues; the system also obscures transparency in drug recalls and pose a hurdle in reporting. In the US, Drug Supply Chain Security Act was made into a law in 2013 to address these short comings; it mandates the pharma supply chain to be completely interoperable by 2023, allowing traceability down to an individual unit. With this regulation, all the key stakeholders such as Manufacture, Repackager, Whole Sale Distributor, 3PL provider, and Dispenser would be part of an interoperable ecosystem with a focus on sharing Transaction Information, Transaction Statement, and Transaction History referred to as T3.

Coforge, with deep industry domain expertise and cutting edge technology capabilities, has ventured in to building an innovative Blockchain driven, cloud enabled solution for Anti-counterfeiting that complies with Interoperability mandates of DSCSA and achieves the objective of eliminating risk to human lives. Our advanced track and trace solution is bolstered by capabilities in Digital Integration, Intelligent Automation, Blockchain and Cloud Technologies. The solution cascades through the pharma supply chain – Manufacture, Repackager, Whole Sale Distributor, 3PL provider, Dispenser and finally, Consumers – safeguarding against all possible entries of a counterfeit. With the security of Blockchain, consumers will have unequivocal confidence in the authenticity of medicines purchased. The manufacturer will also have complete visibility of the supply chain, enabling compliance and cost effective recalls.

Our Solution

The idea is to provide customers with a seamless digital experience for easy validation of a drug with the manufacturer along with empowering the stakeholders with complete visibility of the supply chain in order to comply with DSCSA regulations. Our Application aids in identifying fake content of the QR code or barcode further allowing stakeholders to report such a duplicity. Coforge's Anti-Counterfeiting solution provides a multitude of benefits like:

Ascertaining Offenders: A dashboard view provided allows a manufacturer to pinpoint the offenders at the level of pharmacy, stockists, or carry forward agents.

Empowering Consumers: Our solution not only instils confidence in customers by authenticating a drug but also empowers them with the report facility.

Gives Insights that Matter: The dashboard provides insights on the incidents raised on the basis of region, category, and product in the form of visually rich graphs and charts.

Revenue Impact: Integration with backend systems provides the manufacture with information on revenue loss/gain based on the increase/decrease of reported incidents. The solution helps achieve higher returns by taking proactive actions inspired by insightful analytics and aids in cost take out with fewer resources required to manage the supply chain.

Security: Our Blockchain experts offer a home-grown application using which users can track their medicine orders and ensure their authenticity. This app overrides the third-party scanning applications and provides enhanced security The Blockchain solution provides in-built protection to ensure that every transaction is tamper-proof.

Provenance Validation: Blockchain technology enables consumers to authenticate medicines by verifying the manufacturer's provenance details.

Coforge Advantage

We help you transform at the intersect of unparalleled domain expertise and cutting edge technologies to achieve real-world business impact. Coforge's dedicated Blockchain studio provides resources needed to quickly build r3 Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, and Ethereum platform-based applications. Our assets simplify the formation, management, and governance of Blockchain networks to support pharma manufacturers’ needs of helping consumers get genuine drugs, boosting brand loyalty, and increasing revenue gains. Our DSCSA & Anti-Counterfeiting solution can easily integrate with backend systems to build a complete end-to-end process for the pharma supply chain management. A secure application and a dashboard view empowers both the consumers and pharma manufacturers with information on which they can act. The solution accelerator gives you a head start for building a supply chain use case on Blockchain, tailored to your requirements. Our proven capabilities in Blockchain across Industries, combined with the rich experience enables in bringing advanced methods, products, solutions and approaches that offered significant value.

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