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Business View of IT: Maximizing Value from Your IT Investments


In today’s hyper-competitive and fast-changing marketplace, enterprises must pursue digital transformation to maximize business agility and create an ideal user experience. The interactions customers have with the business now have become highly dynamic-environments are large and hybrid and IT is transforming the business faster than ever. Where such transactions are also driving revenue, an insight into IT from a business standpoint has become even more critical. Coforge’ state-of-the-art Business View of IT (BVIT) framework can help you estimate the business impact of IT assets while proactively determining performance baselines and behavior.

Powering Full-Stack Performance Monitoring

The challenge is that most of the existing tools used by enterprises today reflect a siloed approach toward monitoring. They monitor different parts of the complex IT landscape creating a complicated mesh of blame games between different stakeholders, leading to inefficient operations. The expectation from an application performance management (APM) solution is to provide businesses a tool for unified view of enterprise from a single screen including :

  • Front end addressing the user/customer experience and expectations
  • Application Tiers ensuring seamless functioning
  • Backend and Infrastructure keeping the lights on while ensuring scalability


Coforge’s Business View of IT (BVIT) solution directly addresses the pain-point of IT alignment in organizations today. Rooted in our domain knowledge and technology expertise, this framework highlights the   current/dynamic state of IT in terms of business and assists organizations to move from reactive IT to real-time and proactive IT.

Industry-leading APM tools power the framework and give businesses a unified view of their entire IT landscape in a single pane of glass. It assists organizations to analyze real-time application flow to understand the direct business impact while proactively determining performance baselines and behavior.

Key Features

BVIT has a single web based UI focusing on:

  • End User Monitoring: This includes the ability to monitor and optimize browser and mobile apps to deliver market-leading user experience. BVIT optimizes user experience and increases conversion across the entire user journey for browser-based and native mobile applications. It works through real-time user monitoring, and manages key performance metrics with synthetic monitoring
    Business Benefit: Enhanced customer/user experience positively impacting brand image.

  • Performance Monitoring: BVIT helps in end-to-end business transaction-centric management of the most complex and distributed applications. With auto-discovered transactions, dynamic baselining, code-level diagnostics, and virtual war room collaboration, it ensures rapid issue identification and resolution to maintain an ideal user experience.
    Business Benefit: Proactive approach of delivering business services assisting organizations to be future-ready

  • Infrastructure Performance Monitoring: Through this, BVIT prevents the negative impact of infrastructure issues and drills down from business transactions to see and manage server and manage server performance. It can quickly troubleshoot application and user-impacting issues to minimize any downtime.
    Business Benefit: Capacity planning for the future ensuring scalability and growth.


BVIT: End-to-end Business-Centric Approach

Delivering More Value

  • More Insights: We help you to begin shifting focus away from purely monitoring and tracking technology metrics to business metrics.
  • More Business Monitoring: The solution offers real-time view of the health of your business.
  • More Visibility: Our solution gives a complete end-to-end view of all components across tiers and provides performance visibility across the application life cycle.
  • More Efficiencies: It helps you isolate and fix application performance issues by offering code-level diagnostics leading to efficient resolution

Case Study

Deployed at one of the largest airlines of Australia, our solution helped the client with significant reduction of P1 and P2 incidents along with root cause analysis of its Weight and Balance Application in the production environment.

The key parameters to be met by this application were OTP, Safety, Compliance, Brand and Guest Experience.Our solution resulted in:

  • End-to-end business transaction centric analysis of incidents
  • Unified view of the entire application including all touchpoints-frontend, third-party calls, database, and infrastructure
  • Pin-pointed transactions adversely impacting application performance along with code level deep dive for diagnosis
  • Highlighted application dependencies and showcased performance trends pre - and post-deployment Enhanced guest experience

The Coforge Advantage

Coforge focuses on creating business impact and value through optimized use of technology for business transformation and continuous improvement. Our partnership with two APM leaders-Dynatrace and AppDynamics enables us to deliver extra value while exceeding client expectations by:

  • Implementing Proof of value (PoV) for 90 days without any additional cost for customers in the US, Europe, and APAC
  • Creating critical service views to map business convergence to IT, thereby making organizations proactive and future-ready
  • Enabling integrated automated operations
  • Influencing change upstream through Shift-Left strategy
  • Optimizing cost effectively
  • Delivering managed APM services
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