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Kong Practice Overview

Coforge has a global partnership with Kong, driving adoption across the US, UK, Europe, APAC, and India providing Consulting / Advisory services, Development, Support, and Maintenance services for Cloud Connectivity solutions.

Coforge is committed to investing in building capabilities on the Kong platform through dedicated CoE, certified practitioners, and competence / best practices acquired through multiple engagements. We have Expertise in different Kong products, including Kong Gateway, Kong Mesh, Insomnia, and Konnect.

Advisory Services

Specializes in conducting platform assessment & Integration roadmap development & implementation

  • Discovery
  • Architectural & design review
  • Strategic planning & roadmap

Migration Services

De-risked, automated application migration services

  • Migration Framework
  • Application Analyzer Tools
  • Automation Utilities
  • Microservices Lifecycle Automation

Solution Enablers

Pre-defined templates, checklists, questionnaires and models that accelerate development

  • API Maturity Model
  • Product Evaluation (iEval) Framework
  • Health Check Utility
  • APIOps
  • Migrator

Highlights of our value proposition

  • End To End Services Provider Coforge provides Consulting / Advisory services, Development, Support and Maintenance services
  • Dedicated Center of Excellence for Kong Invested in building capabilities on Kong platform through dedicated CoE with trained practitioners through Coforge Kong academy.
  • Proficiency on Kong Products Expertise in different Kong products on Kong Gateway, Kong Mesh, Insomnia, Konnect and developing solutions for automating proxy deployment, hybrid implementation on AWS, Azure.
  • Delivering Business Value to Customers Leverage Coforge deep expertise in Digital Integration combined with Kong’s industry leading platform resulting in business value for customers.

Solution Accelerators

Health Check Utility

  • Migration readiness assessment
  • Understand complexities, efforts to do migration


  • Live hybrid test bed environment onAWS, Azure
  • End to end automation using ansible/terrafom
  • Configurable scripts, Full API lifecycle automation

Migration Utility

  • Complete end to end migration automation using ansible/terraform scripts
  • Auto conversion to Kong declaraive

Health Check Utility

Health Check Utility assesses the current state of APIs and based on clients’ inputs and internal scoring defined by framework, it helps organizations to understand how overall migration can be approached by knowing complexity and efforts required.


  • Know client’s business case & API needs
  • Understand features & capabilities that client uses & feed into the Health Check utility
  • Mark items that are in-scope for migration


  • Rate the complexity of each in-scope items between 1-3
  • Give score between 1-3 for level of automation achieved to accelerate migration
  • Adjust the value of ‘multiplier’ based on no of APIs, environments to be built


  • The utility will calculate the complexity score that helps customers immediately know about the level of migration required to move to newer platform
  • It also provides an indicative effort to understand the overall duration and cost of migration
  • Presents clear demarcation between easy to do tasks vs any risks/ blockers that needs attention

Introducing APIOps

APIOps Increases Speed

  • Faster, repeatable deployments into API ecosystem
  • Faster time-to-market by catching deviations from standards early on in the pipeline
  • Reduced risk through the fully automated application and configuration of security policies
  • Easy rollbacks to previous deployment configurations using historical declarative config files from your VCS

APIOps Raises Quality

  • Consistent quality and standards across all APIs and services
  • More productive developers who can ensure their own specs meet standards
  • Better collaboration and fewer pushbacks and refactoring
  • Consistency across deployment environments, teams and processes

Migration Utility

The migration utility accelerates the overall API gateway migration from Mule to Kong.

  • Kong installation & configurations using Ansible scripts
  • Cluster creation for both AKS and EKS.
  • CP and DP setup Using Ansible script.
  • Patching admin GUI and developer portal Using Ansible tasks
  • Converts RAML to OAS
  • Generates Kong declaratives
  • Migrate existing Mule policies to Kong
  • Deploy APIs to Kong gateway

About Coforge

Coforge is a global digital services and solutions provider, that enables its clients to transform at the intersect of domain expertise and emerging technologies to achieve real-world business impact. A focus on very select industries, a detailed understanding of the underlying processes of those industries and partnerships with leading platforms provides us a distinct perspective. Coforge leads with its product engineering approach and leverages Cloud, Data, Integration and Automation technologies to transform client businesses into intelligent, high growth enterprises. Coforge’s proprietary platforms power critical business processes across its core verticals. The firm has a presence in 21 countries with 25 delivery centers across nine countries.

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