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Automation - TRON

Coforge’s TRON is an integrated automation platform that consolidates innovative technologies, practices, and tools for business transformation—delivering more value. Leveraging advanced technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), TRON platform enables enterprises to deliver business agility, selfenablement, and superior experiences.

IT industry has been a major enabler impacting businesses with Automation. However, there is a greater need to move from siloed to systematic automation of processes for handling scale and significant cost reduction.

A unifying component of our Smart IT initiative, TRON seeks to fulfil IT automation promise through an integrated enterprise automation platform that leads to agile, efficient, and responsive enterprises.


We approach automation holistically across business and IT processes through the components of our smart automation platform— TRON. The platform embeds best-in-class technologies/IPs, autonomics, and their orchestration in business with an objective to increase automation and/or set an incremental automation path for creating agile outcomes and a superior customer experience. With an in-built maturity assessment model component, TRON helps customers build a pragmatic road map to automation while leveraging their investments on tool sets. We also help existing and new clients develop an automation strategy focused on delivering superior customer experience by contextualizing their automation needs and creating automation as a culture in ongoing engagements.


  • Enables automation across all phases of the application lifecycle from requirements to production
  • Uses AI to continuously learn and automate operations through entire IT stack
  • Automates IT processes to detect, diagnose, correlate events; automates incident resolution; enables auto-discovery and selfhealing of assets
  • Provides single pane dashboard view, giving complete visibility into enterprise IT
  • Provides automation for DevOps enablement and continuous delivery, test automation, and automation in any phase of the development lifecycle
  • Automates repetitive, rules-driven back-office tasks using RPA and enables better end user experience by integrating with digital channels using Chatbots


Enterprise-wide platform to automate tasks across Application Development Lifecycle, IT Operations, and Business Operations, providing an integrated single pane automation view (IT and applications) to customers. The smart platform comprises best-of-breed partner products and home-grown solutions integrated to address specific automation needs of customers while removing dependency on a single proprietary platform/approach.

AI-powered platform comprising best-in-class AI products and tools to implement intelligent automation across IT and business processes.

Inbuilt Automation Maturity Model component for evaluation of customers’ automation maturity on various levels spanning technology, tools, people, and process before defining an incremental automation path. Dedicated Automation Practice that owns enterprise automation road map, enables automation institutionalization across all verticals, manages partnerships and alliances, and explores innovative automation technologies.

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