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Achieve Faster Time to Market through DevOps Services


Software is a key driver of differentiation and business innovation. It’s a gateway to new services and revenue streams, seamless customer experiences, and expansion into new markets. In this world, companies must fundamentally change the way they build and deliver applications to support dynamic business needs.

Coforge’ DevOps Platform helps create a collaborative culture, develop a lean governance model, and implement practices which enable companies to deliver applications faster and more reliably, while remaining flexible to react to changing market feedback. The DevOps solutions enable shift from traditional phased delivery models to a continuous delivery mindset, made possible by better integration of teams within IT and implementing automated processes

Delivering at the Speed of Today’s Business

The continuous evolution of IT systems has made speed and flexibility of paramount importance in today’s business world. This has caused a shift in the nature of IT delivery from traditional project-based system implementations to new cultural shifts. DevOps is one such major shift that emphasizes on overall business and IT alignment. The focus is on collaboration between development and operations team to accelerate deployment of high quality releases, faster innovations, and reduction in operational costs through intelligent automation.


Key features of the offering are:

  • Consulting clients to assess organization’s DevOps maturity level by analyzing the current state and setting a roadmap with clear recommendations.
  • Automating application release and deployment from planning to production
  • Managing Infrastructure, applications, tools, processes, and day-to-day operations in Software Configuration Management and Environment Management.

Key benefits of the offering are:

  • Single view to business and IT across Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  • Automated end-to-end flow for moving application changes seamlessly from planning to production.
  • Agility and faster time to market for application functionality to clients
  • Single Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to version artefacts across ALM thereby syncing environments and source code

The depiction of the overall offering:

Brochure DevOps23-01

Integrated Platform (Distributed technologies)

Operational View and Business View of DevOps Framework in context to ALM:

Brochure DevOps23-02

DevOps processes are mapped to each of the ALM phases and integrated across ALM starting from requirements all the way to support in the backend to provide a single view.

Duck Creek Continuous Delivery Framework:

Brochure DevOps23-03

Integrated Platform (Duck Creek)

Duck Creek Continuous Delivery revolves around Continuous Integration, Continuous Validation and Continuous Deployment.

DevOps Consulting

To deliver constructive processes we work with customer's team to understand project goals and evaluate the current processes and maturity level to propose and design a roadmap along with clear recommendations.

Business Benefits

  • Ability to handle more deploys with less resources
  • Reduced fixed resources
  • Transparent IT processes and requirements
  • Predictable releases

Release Automation

An automated solution to deploy the application releases from development to production, to achieve better resource utilization by implementing multi-tier release deployments through orchestration

Business Benefits

  • Reduced Time to Market
  • Improved manageability, audit tracking, and compliance
  • Reduced release errors and higher quality
  • Reduced cost of deployments


Simulating the behavior, break-point analysis, data and performance characteristics of the complete application environments making them available throughout the software life-cycle.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced Infrastructure Costs
  • Accelerated Testing
  • Early Defect detection

Configuration and Environment Management

Manage infrastructure, applications, tools, and processes tied to configuration and environment setup and availability via automation.

Business Benefits

  • Optimum usage of environment across development and operations.
  • Adherence to standard processes for Configuration and Release Management

Delivering More Value More Agility:

  • More Agility: The ability to make frequent, predictable, low-risk releases to production makes IT departments more agile and decreases deployment times
  • More Productivity: With more frequent deployments, developers receive more frequent feedback about quality and are able to respond immediately, thereby enhancing productivity.
  • More Cost Savings: Through the automation of manual efforts and reduced failures, IT organizations can lower operations cost and save more money.
  • More Scalability: A continuous delivery approach results in systems that are elastically scalable. Thus, preparing the organizations for meeting for future growth demands.

The Coforge Advantage

  • Reduces cycle time for application release by improving the speed of release by 41% along with release quality
  • Offers around 40% productivity improvement Offers 39% enhanced end-customer experience
  • Accelerates ability to transform into a more agile, quality-oriented, user-centric organization
  • Improves continuous integration process, validation, and delivery
  • Aligns IT with business requirements offering high level business visibility
  • Provides a perfect communication platform for all the functional groups
  • Integrates and manages services efficiently
  • Enables process efficiencies and operational excellence.
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