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360 Degree Analytics for Health Insurance

In a digital era where datais the new gold, organisations needacomprehensivedatastrategyintandemwiththeir business goals. Enterprises with a focused approach to data is already ahead of the curve and this is imperative for Healthcare. With the industry demanding for better interoperability, the current trends of intelligent analytics and data driven insights will soon be the new normal. Realising that the future lies in intelligent and actionable insights, healthcare enterprises are gradually adopting the new age technologies of AI, ML, and self-learning for better analytics. The value that analytics brings to the table can make a world of diference, providing an edgetotheearlyadoptersinahighlyvolatileecosystem. Data Analytics is extremely crucial to health Insurance Industry in addressing and managing Quality of care, Population Health, Cost of Care, Revenue Leakage, Provider performance and Membership management to name some key areas.

Our Approach

Coforge has sensed the paradigm shift in digital payer analytics early on and wrapped our services to address the needs of future. We focus on providing a 360 degree view to the payers in collaboration with multitude of stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem. Factors like data standardisation, better data availability, focus on data driven clinical care, disease management using predictive modelling, guided and unguided analytics, and competitive business advantage are pushing healthcare towards a robust data strategy.

Coforge with the Industry domain expertise and class leading Data and analytics solution capabilities ofer Reporting & Analytics services that deliver Enterprise Reporting for Payers, Key Performance Indicators for all functional areas, Predictive Analytics for Enrolment, Care Management/Population Health Management, Payment Integrity (Fraud, Waste and Abuse), HEDIS andCMScomplianceReporting.Ourprovencapabilities in Data and Analytics across Industries combined with the rich experience enables in bringing advanced methods, products, solutions and approaches that ofered signifcant value.

In each of the solution areas, we can help you navigate across multiple phases of data journey starting from collection, all the way through providing predictions and insights.

Collect : Integration with core systems to collect data on claims, memberships, authorization, providers, benefts, payments, commissions, and more.

Report : Creating simple and multilevel drill down reports to supporting the dashboards and KPIs.

Analyse : Presenting analysis of report fndings in visual manner through dashboards and KPIs. We provide a collective depiction with a focus on fnancial, clinical, operational, and performance analytics.

Predict : Extending current analytics to predict future, do what-if analysis, sensitivity analysis, and more. Our accurate prediction will helpin better care management, provider performance measurement, underwriting, customer relationship management, and fraud & abuse.

Coforge Advantage

Coforge, with our deep industry knowledge and core expertise in Data and Analytics, can customise a data strategy which is in tandem with the organisation’s businessgoals.Wehaveastrongpracticewithmorethan 100 consultants, 100 plus projects, and 50 plus active customers. Strategic alliances with Microsoft Azure, Denodo, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Snowfake and the likes bolster our capabilities in this domain. We support our clients from advisory to implementation with a host of solution of solutions to modernize, monetize, manage, and cognize your data. Our strong capabilities in Data and Analytics has transformed enterprises spanning across industries, empowering them with a 360 degree view using analytics. We can review and support your data collection process and provide servic to monetize the data efectively with the insights from new age intelligent analytics like AI, ML, and AI Driven predictive analytics.



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