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New healthcare IT pilot program cutting patient check-in times by 80 percent

iPad-enabled program links patients, physicians and hospitals on a common technology platform

"He was delighted with the process, partly because it was a new experience for him but primarily because his check-in time was under two minutes," said Pranam Ben, COO and head of NIIT Technologies Healthcare Technologies. “We’ve found that regardless of the patient’s age or experience with technology, their overall satisfaction with the program has been exceptional.” 

NIIT Technologies Healthcare Technologies partnered with the hospital last fall to launch a pilot program that tests an all-new IT product called “MASH,” so named as it enables healthcare providers to Manage, Analyze, Sustain and Harness information. MASH allows patients to use a customized iPad to check in, verify and update information and sign electronic consents, rather than complete traditional paperwork. The technology also allows hospital staff to track wait and service times by modality.

“We are very encouraged from the results so far,” said Lalit Dhingra, President of NIIT Technologies.  “This new platform is elevating patient service and we are looking forward to promoting it nationwide.”

“We couldn’t be happier with the initial results,” said Lance Sewell, CFO of South Lake Hospital, a 120-bed suburban hospital outside Orlando.  The hospital has initially launched the program to check in scheduled radiology procedures but plans to soon expand the scope to potentially include its women’s center and emergency department.

Sewell estimates that with MASH, patient check-in times have been reduced by 80 percent. 

“The efficiencies were immediately apparent, especially during mornings, when volume is typically higher for diagnostic procedures,” Sewell said.  “Patients are getting through check-in much faster and are ready to be seen for their procedures within minutes of arriving for their appointments.  And when our patients are happy, we’re happy.”

While the pilot program at South Lake Hospital is testing patient check-in and registration, the platform is fully compatible with HIS, EMR, EHR, ADT and scheduling systems, and integrates and automates online bill paying, health records management, online pre-registration and scheduling, and secure messaging among care providers both inside and outside the hospital.  The platform also allows for targeted communications with patients on the iPad based on various criteria such as location, age and service requested.

About NIIT Technologies Healthcare Technologies
Based in Orlando, Florida, NIIT Technologies Healthcare Technologies creates IT solutions that enable healthcare providers to achieve better clinical outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and improve patient and physician loyalty.  The company has two proprietary platforms that “bridge the care gap”: Preferr, a SaaS-based electronic health records and referral management platform that accelerates meaningful use compliance; and MASH (Manage, Analyze, Sustain, Harness) that connects the patient, physician and provider on a common technology platform. 
NIIT Technologies Healthcare Technologies is a division of NIIT Technologies, a global IT solutions organization that services customers in travel, insurance, financial services and manufacturing sectors in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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