AdvantageGo Launches Exact Max: NextGen Real-Time Exposure Management Solution

Key business benefits include:

High volume location visualisations through a revolutionary graphics engine. Analysis of the marginal impact from underwriting a new cedent's business. Real-time event notification service to immediately respond to large catastrophes. Customised, dynamic dashboards monitoring multi-line global portfolios. Aggregation across all cedent portfolios at every level from country and state right down to individual locations. Analyse exposure location counts and data completeness for geography, occupancy, construction, primary and secondary modifiers.

London, October 30, 2018: AdvantageGo, the commercial insurance and reinsurance product family from Coforge, today launched Exact Max, its powerful exposure management solution. For the first time ever, reinsurers can swiftly and accurately visualise their entire treaty portfolio of billions of locations in real-time and with high-resolution location data.

With insight driven from AdvantageGo's digital cloud based Microservices, users can assess and aggregate each cedent’s portfolio in unparalleled detail, at a macro-level, including map visualisations, year-on-year changes, and peer benchmarking.

(Re) insurers can utilise sophisticated, on-demand multi-dimensional analysis in order to improve risk assessment at the point of underwriting, respond to events, and streamline management of exposures across the organisation. Exact Max also proactively identifies and manages accumulations of both modelled and non-modelled risk across all cedents, anywhere in the world.

“In order to thrive in today ́s competitive landscape, reinsurers need a progressive technology vision,” said Adrian Morgan, Executive Vice President and Head of AdvantageGo at Coforge. “Exact Max sets a new industry standard by enabling reinsurers to quickly and accurately examine their entire treaty portfolio of billions of locations”.

“In order to extract the maximum insight from exposure data, a treaty reinsurer should be able to analyse the risk to their portfolio from the regional level, down to the individual exposure,” said Lee McArthur, Vice President and Co-founder 5Fathom, partner for Exact Max. “This involves complex scenario-driven analytics across billions of distinct locations. Historically, this type of high-resolution exposure analytics has proven to be such a technological challenge that not many in the industry have been able to achieve it without breaking the bank.”

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