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The insurance industry now has multiple generations of users and producers that have come to expect tailored user experience. Consumer expectations are changing due to digital experiences. Agents expect faster quotes and decisions so that they can compete for business. Agents also increasingly expect service capabilities equal to those granted by direct writers to policyholders, such as integration with their agency management systems and communications based on their communication preferences.

They want to reach as broad a market as possible, and while agents tend to attract relationship-oriented clients, they need to improve digital capabilities to meet these shifting expectations.

At Coforge, we understand that and engineer solutions to fulfill multigenerational needs. Intelligent intake and RPA are part of Coforge’s predictive and real-time remediation process. We provide a digital experience platform aligned with the digital strategy of the insurance carriers; supporting improved user experiences for agents, policyholders, prospective clients, and insureds. Our process includes:

  • Employing a cognitive and systematic approach for new submissions to map out current business processes
  • Collaborating with customers to understand their needs
  • Designing and implementing new business and quoting capabilities
  • Integrating with core systems across the insurance value chain

With a judicious combination of human logic and machine-learning, our approach is supported by intelligent data-driven analysis based on insurance/loss history and outcome prediction resulting in highly effective closure of new business cases.

Our solutions include AI-based digital business assistants, deep learning, machine learning, multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-channel experience, image recognition, RPA, NLP, and workflow automation.​


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