Point of View

  • Cybersecurity - CyberSecurity Services for COVID 19

    Cyber criminals often take advantage of major global events and under current COVID19 pandemic conditions, the risk to our digital assets is even greater. This is where Security Operations Centers (SOCs) become critical for a organizations, as they are one defending our digital landscape and are working harder than ever trying to contain and remediate increased number of Cyber threats.

  • Insurance - AI Led Approach to Drive Profitability

    Without this data, the focus may defer to low priority areas or increase the insurance premium without due analysis. Unfortunately, this type of strategy negatively impacts both new prospects and existing customers, bringing decline in their existing GWP. To overcome this, insurance carriers need a thorough analysis of their portfolios and adjust their pricing based on risks projected over time.

  • Insurance Capital Provider Exposure Management
  • Insurance - Claim Process Automation via Email Data Extraction

    As insurance businesses scale far and wide, their service desks are finding it an uphill task even to handle day-to-day claim-related email traffic and respond within SLAs. This builds a huge backlog to the point that it starts to hurt the performance and productivity of the service desk. Moreover, lack of timely responses and effective solutions to customer issues negatively impact a company’s credibility in the long run.

  • Insurance - Improving Underwriting through Cognitive Approach

    Assessing the value of a property right before underwriting is critical and time-consuming especially in High Net Worth cases. The process is riddled with inherent challenges as it is expensive to send an appraiser to every property and a manual appraisal is slow and incomplete while the appraisal results vary widely.

  • Insurance - iVera for customer experience

    Insurance carriers are under tremendous pressure due to the business continuity issues and client service concerns caused by COVID-19. Insurance organizations need to be pro-active, to model the impact of COVID-19 and then determine the best strategy to mitigate.

  • Insurance - Strategic Considerations in a Covid-19 economy

    The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted many industries such as Travel & Transportation, Energy, Manufacturing, Retail and Hospitality. Although the impact on the Insurance sector is less severe, we believe that it will still be significant and highly disruptive; ranging from employee and business continuity issues, client service considerations to operating profit.

  • T&T - Impact of Covid 19 on Travel and Hospitality

    As we near the end of this turbulent week, I feel we have all learned a lot. I have taken a seat at my desk and outlined my top ten thoughts for the Travel Transport & Hospitality (TTH) sector.

  • 8 Challenges Threatening the Insurance Industry in 2020

    It is becoming increasingly challenging and evidently back-breaking for the insurance companies to survive in their current form. A PwC survey report clearly indicated that the operational inefficiency of the existing insurers is the key hurdle and maybe the potential reason for their demise in the near future if they do not adapt, change, and adopt.

  • The Next-Generation Agent Experience Platform: Spur Sales Growth and Enhanced Customer Experience

    Digital disruption has forced the agents from being mere basic insurance providers to proactive advisors. Agents need advanced digital tools so that they can meet the changing customer expectations. The agent experience platform offers a perfect solution that empowers the agents while also providing a much smoother experience to the end-customers.

  • Intelligent Enterprises through Robotics Process Automation

    With its ability to stitch an automation story across multiple application environments, Robotic Process Automation can streamline back-office operations and enable businesses to realign their value proposition seamlessly to meet changing customer expectations and thrive in a dynamic business environment. This thought paper gives insights on how RPA can help significantly reduce turnaround time, interact with multiple applications in a non-intrusive manner, and enhance accuracy and reliability.

  • Health Passport – Partnered with APPI

    Playing our part in making travel​ safer A Digital Health Verification Platform underpinned by Blockchain technology to restart the Travel, Transport & Hospitality businesses.​ The Health Passport is designed to provide a platform between customers and travel organizations, providing a verification platform to facilitate safer travel. Coforge and APPII, introduce a Digital Health Passport that offers:​ ID verification platform that works with ID documents from over 170 countries Flexibility is the range of Health Care verification services​ Health status sharing with third-party