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Risk Transformation to enable a fast, digital credit-granting process

The Client

One of the large retail and commercial bank, based in the UK

Business Challenge

The bank had built multiple systems using different legacy technologies for Credit Risk, Market Risk and Regulatory reporting, using different data stores with on-premises infrastructure. This fragmented data exposed the bank to operational, resilience and regulatory risks and adversely impacted customer experience. To mitigate the risks and improve customer experience, the bank wanted to transform its Risk Management practice, bring in new ways of working to foster collaboration, align its Risk (CRO) and Finance (CFO) areas to enable a fast, digital credit-granting process based on pre-evaluation of client reliability and enhance regulatory reporting. Additionally, the bank wanted a modern data platform to build behavioral analytics for holistic assessment of risks during transactions.

Coforge Solution

Coforge assisted in the analysis, design, and implementation of the technical solution in a phased manner. The team designed and modeled data to feed the CRO processes for Internal Rating, Credit Monitoring, Loss Given Default and Exposure at Default (LGD and EAD), Pre-Commitment of Individuals, and Fast Credit for Small and Medium Enterprises

Standard data warehouse mart structures were reshaped to integrate credit decision engines and a new data quality and alert framework was defined Built an agile Modern Risk Management practice capable of rapidly responding to market and economic volatility using data and advanced analytics Created a new Big Data platform with data organized and designed to flow within an independent pipeline, separate from massive dependencies and sequential tools

Developed the application using Microservices deployed on OpenShift containers for Scalability, Resilience, and Fault tolerance Built analytical capabilities for Risk Analysts over the data platform to explore new ways of identifying and quantifying the risk factors facing their business, both at scale and in real-time

Built a cloud-ready solution for eventual migration to the public cloud Migrated data from legacy stores to the new platform Managed legacy systems adequately while undergoing transformation.


  • Enabled the client to take a more effective approach to credit-granting to SME and retail customers.
  • Enabled strategies to optimize prequalification and instant credit decisioning
  • The data lake enabled self-service reporting for CFO organizations and enhanced the regulatory reporting framework
  • Results show that the bank has doubled its approval rates while reducing credit losses by 20%
  • Maintenance costs were reduced by 45% by implementing an optimized operating model to maintain the new platform
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