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Transforming Global Wealth Management with a Flexible, Integrated Solution


Are you able to attract new customers and build a sustainable wealth platform for banks, trusts, advisors, enterprises, and money managers? We helped our client achieve this with a global wealth management platform, the development of which was driven by future-focused, new ideas. Our solution ensured high business value for the client in the form of enhanced end-to-end wealth management functionalities for their customers.

The Client

As a provider of investment processing, fund processing, and investment management business outsourcing solutions to the financial services industry, the client serves various private banks and trusts, investment advisors, enterprises, money managers, and other financial companies.

Business Challenge

The client wanted a global wealth management platform capable of managing transactions and communications, accounts, documents, and reporting across regions. They also wanted the platform to cover back-office and marketing activities, business policies, entitlements, and portfolios in addition to their integration with the customer management system.

Based on our expertise in financial systems, the client chose us as their IT solution partner for developing a wealth management platform that covered their entire portfolio of services.

Our Solution

We assisted the client in building an innovative global wealth management platform by connecting disparate and autonomous systems using a Service Oriented Architecture based on plug-and-play functionality. This platform sought to offer an integrated view of the client relationship and related investments, besides ease of reporting and monitoring to internal stakeholders.

Our team also undertook the development and maintenance of an activity management and tracking system, a UI framework, and an infrastructure service. Continued support was at hand for platform management to increase data accuracy and reduce costs.

We used a single integrated enterprise data model globally with multi-lingual and multi-currency support to enhance end user experience. We also implemented a messaging-based, XML communication/integration system, and introduced a role-based user experience framework.

The Result

Our wealth management platform provided valuable outcomes to the client, including:

  • More Speed: With our solution, the client was able to deliver sophisticated office, and front-office services in a short span of time, leading to better customer management
  • More enhancements: We provided end-to-end front-office, middle-office, and back-office functionalities to better serve multiple market segments faster
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