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API led digital transformation for a Fortune 500 supplemental insurance provider


The client was looking to update their I.T. systems to improve business services. To continue to remain competitive in the fast-changing business market meant that the timeline within which the project had to be completed was also important. The solutions recommended by Coforge allowed the client to update and improve their I.T. systems within record timelines allowing a positive cascading effect on other internal business processes.

About the Client

The client, an US based, Fortune 500 company has, over 6 decades provided supplemental insurance to more than fifty million people worldwide.

Business Challenge

The client’s I.T. systems were built on old architecture which were tightly coupled and not scalable to meet increasing demands. To update the I.T. systems meant a transition from the old system to new digital assets. The process was time consuming and translated to slower product rollouts, leading to tough competition in the market.

Our Solution

Our solution was to replace the existing web method solution with an Enterprise Integration platform (AKANA Enterprise Integration Bus - EIB) using micro services architecture. This allowed the client to integrate and scale their I.T. systems, to quickly respond to rapid business change and more importantly with controlled costs. Micro services were mostly written in Java thus allowing transactions to be stateless.

Other recommendations made by Coforge were:

To use Python scripts along with the micro services architecture To use Docker for dev-ops and container-based deployments To use AppDynamics for performance-based monitoring and reporting

Delivering More Value

Product rollout time to market – Coforge effected application integration using EIB coupled with DevOps and CI/CD practice to reduce development time from 6 weeks to 1-2 days

Integration – Both upstream and downstream applications were integrated with PAS.

Scalability – Using Docker infrastructure allowed business services to be scaled at will.

Resilient/Flexible – The new system was easy to enhance, independently test and deploy and allowed the client the freedom to choose technology. It was constructed so that failure of one service would not affect other services

Enhanced Application Performance – AppDynamics enabled complete visibility into application performance, real-time monitoring and proactive problem detection.

Quality - Complete test automation led to zero-defect business service.

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