Nanoheal is a patented predictive self-healing technology platform that has the ability to Detect, Diagnose and Resolve issues across connected devices. Due to its proprietary autonomic engine, Nanoheal goes beyond machine learning analytics, by predictively detecting issues and automatically resolving them without the need of human intervention, and provides a feedback loop for IT service desk leaders to analyze the insights generated by the technology. With the technology much ahead of current market offerings, Nanoheal has helped several OEMs, Enterprises and Service providers to transform their help-desk and infrastructure management operations by providing a technology platform that can help bring true automation to their device management operations, to deliver high-quality services with great efficiency, allowing them to focus on work more strategic to their business.

Coforge will leverage Nanoheal’s platform within its holistic automation framework “Excelerate” to deliver intelligent and empathetic helpdesk solution.

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