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A Digital Onboarding Journey: Customer Onboarding Made Easy

A Digital Onboarding Journey: Customer Onboarding Made Easy

Reduction in Processing Time
Less Complexity
Reduction from Time to Revenue

The Challenge: Streamlining Complexity

Imagine a world where each customer’s banking journey is a web of manual checks, isolated departments, and the ever-looming shadow of regulations. This was the reality for our global banking client - a giant in the industry yet struggling to navigate the complexities of customer-onboarding.

Coforge’s Masterstroke

Enter Coforge, armed with Appian’s trailblazing Client Onboarding toolkit. With the use of robotics, AI, and cutting-edge case management seamlessly woven together with a low-code magic wand.


Decision-making at the speed of light. Onboarding times didn’t just improve; they evolved, giving customers faster banking, cutting wait times, and boosting revenue instantly.

Manual tasks have been eliminated, and adaptability has become our core strategy. This transformation has enabled the bank to navigate market and regulatory changes with ease. As a result, we have achieved reduced operational costs, enhanced efficiency, reduced complexity, and elevated customer satisfaction.

Spotlight Achievements

We setup an SLA-based Business Process Operations center across the entire customer journey with Travel Planning, Pre-Travel, In-Flight, On-Your-Tour and Post Trip. Extended support across the communication channels was provided.

  • Onboarding: Not just faster, but a seamless journey.
  • Time to Revenue: Imagine hitting the fast-forward button on profits.
  • Due Diligence: Complex? Not anymore.
  • Operational Costs: Down, down, down they go.
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