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22% Faster Loan Approvals; Improvements in End to End Mortgage Origination Processes

The Client

Top U.S. Retail/ Wholesale Mortgage Originator


1. Needed a roadmap for outsourcing to increase capacity, reduce cost

2. Inefficiencies in loan origination cycle

3. Errors, High Turn time, Multiple operations locations, Non standardized procedures


1. Onsite study & creation of outsourcing roadmap through

2. SmarTrans® methodology

3. Detailed process maps, standard operating procedures and checklists created


1. Phase 1: Started with Wholesale channel

2. Phase 3: Services were extended to Retail Channel

3. Phase 5: 100% increase in outsourced mortgage staff; now managing 80% of the bank’s origination back-office functions Significant Improvements in End to End Mortgage Lifecycle


1. Improved turn time in Loan Registration - 48 hours to 2 hours

2. 22% reduction in loan approval time

3. Quality score above 97%

4. Flexible staffing to handle volume fluctuations; converted fixed to variable cost

5. Coforge handles volume fluctuations

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