Increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs with our Card Dispute Services.

Our Card Diputes CoE brings on-board a deep domain expertise and combined together with our omnichannel contact center services and technology enabled solutions helps you achieve a faster dispute resolution and a higher win rate.

With capabilities to support both issuer and merchant disputes and chargebacks, we help issuers, merchant acquirers and chargeback management firms achieve:

60% faster turn times

Reduce dispute resolution time with customized solutions..

45% cost savings

Optimize operational cost with global delivery centers & transactional pricing.

25% improvement in average handling time

Lower average handling time with experienced resources and progressive checklists.

Powered by 20 years of industry experience, our Card Dispute CoE has been trusted by leading merchant acquirers, issuers, and a top 5 chargeback management firm.

Our professionals annually support:

Issuers: 1.5M disputes and 170K representments.

Merchant acquirers: 1.1M chargebacks and 100K second chargebacks/ prearbitrations. Chargeback management firms: 600K chargebacks.

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