Achieve an efficient & effective testing environment with Copasys®, our automated platform for QC & Regulatory Compliance.

An enterprise-wide automated platform for QC and Regulatory Compliance. (Patented)

Centralized Repository

Consolidated platform of rules and regulations. Checklists standard operating procedures for testing of process/sub­ process hierarchies

Automated Testing

Dynamic testing automation across an organization's operations, business controls. QC and regulatory compliance functions including manual and RPAenabled processes


Quality checks across all three lines of defense and insights to external auditors and regulators

Process Agnostic

Easy configurability to any industry & business process and quick to implement in a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model


Seamless adaptability with various client systems across core business processes and support functions

With Copasys®, you can achieve

Automated Quality Control

  • 20X faster test results
    • Dynamic automation and streamlined workflows to get results in hours and make faster decisions
  • Greater risk reduction
    • Deeper insights into test results for better root cause and impact analysis to identify deficiencies
  • 100% accuracy
    • Pre-defined business logic using configurable rule builder
  • Continuous process improvement
    • Frequent tests to identify repeat errors and high-risk processes. Implement permanent remediation
  • Deeper process visibility with 100% coverage
    • Full-population testing with automated population extracts and increased sampling coverage

Strengthened Quality Management System

  • Standardized and centralized process testing methodology
    • Latest regulatory guidelines, business review modules and reporting. Easily customizable to any industry
  • Configurable processes
    • Automated and dynamic workflows, process versioning
  • Effective and controlled environment
    • Rigorous built-in governance and change management processes
  • Uniform data dictionary
    • Adaptable to different systems allowing implementations with various client systems
  • Improved audit trail
    • Single workflow for test creation, execution, remediation, and reporting

Business intelligence from Data Analytics and Reporting

  • Real-time actionable insights
    • Consolidated data platform to perform root cause analysis and trending for active coaching and feedback Management and executive dashboards Customizable client specific reporting

Explore Copasys® capabilities

Quick Installation
Quick Installation

On-premise or cloud hosting

Robust Mapping
Robust Mapping

Multi-system/multi- file and system agnostic uploads (automatic data transformation)

Easy Data Input
Easy Data Input

Various data transfer and bulk uploads

User Friendly
User Friendly

Easy to use rule builder (No advanced development experience needed)


Customized configurability basis business needs

Parallel Processing
Parallel Processing

Concurrent process automation runs over multiple users


Targeted, statistical and random sampling

Multi Level Testing
Multi Level Testing

End to end automated, manual and hybrid testing

Flexible Remediation
Flexible Remediation

Quick remediation with business unit follow-ups

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Integration with reporting, analytics and dashboard tools

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