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Turbulence-free PSS Migration to Drive Connected Operations


The airline went through a massive transformation, unifying operations under a single brand with an aim to become the airline of choice in Australia. As a result, the client was looking to consolidate their PSS system for both domestic and international flights. Although the solution seemed relatively clear, the assignment was made challenging by the scale and the timeline defined by the client. Coforge drew on all its expertise and experience in the airline sector to ensure that the client’s demands were all fulfilled in record time.

About the Client

The client was one of the largest airlines in Australia, operating flights on both, domestic and international sectors.


The client approached Coforge for assistance to move to a single unified PSS as part of its transformation. At the time, they were using Navitaire for all domestic PSS duties, while Amadeus was used as the long-haul PSS provider. Sabre was seen to be the natural choice, given its record for performance and stability in the region.

Driven by expansion plans and the need to stay ahead of the competition, coupled with the benefits of reducing IT expenditure by using one PSS, we took on the seemingly uphill task of completing the PSS transition under a tight schedule.

Our Solution

Coforge had been associated with 10+ PSS migrations in the past. Based on our vast capabilities on Sabre systems, understanding of reservation, inventory and check-in domains and our PSS Migration expertise, helped Coforge reduce the knowledge transfer and test design timelines by over 70%. Our test case repository with over 15000 reusable test scenarios and cases, coupled with automation tools and strategies, help us provide end to end PSS Migration testing services in the area of reservation, inventory control, operations and departure control, loyalty and ecommerce.

We helped client migrate existing data warehouse & new datamarts to the Sabre data formats. The Cut-over involved 37 interfaces and more than 250 services, and Coforge provided 24*7 Support and Maintenance for data migration and cutover activities. We managed the change and release management during the cutover sequence management process and supported all the interfaces.

Coforge worked closely with client in architecting a Service Oriented Architecture strategy for the client, re-writing the interfaces and the development of a Sabre specific Airline middleware including architecting the enterprise service bus and implementation of more than 150 interfaces with Sabre systems, other airline systems and third party application in the following service domains:

  • Reservation
  • Loyalty
  • Travel Agency
  • Payment Gateway
  • Kiosk
  • Ground Operations
  • Mobility & Website (eCommerce)
  • Guest Lounge

Coforge has also built the interfaces with Sabre CSS and upgraded movement manager interface with schedule manager, Aircrews.

Our deep understanding of airline domain and of client’s internal systems helped Coforge to deliver the SOA middleware in fixed price mode thus giving clear value-add to the client.

Delivering More Value

Our deep domain experience has enabled us to be the go-to partner for our client. We have been able to deliver one of the industry’s most successful, smooth & fast unified cut-overs. Client was able to accomplish the migration to Sabre within a record 9 months time, which is perhaps the fastest PSS migration of an airline of this scale. The DCS domain cutover happened in an industry first big bang mode, without any critical issues. This was possible due to the endeavours of Coforge, de-risking the PSS transition and our very many successful dress rehearsals of the migration process.

The unified PSS helped increase inter-line & code-share revenue by 56%, and reduced the PSS and distribution costs by over 35% for the airline. The SOA enabled middleware has enabled seamless access to data in real-time leading to better decision making, enhanced automation of business processes, business agility delivered by faster and smoother integrations leading to about 40% faster time to market for new services.

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