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Transforming Investor Onboarding

Customer Context

A leading Asset & Wealth Management firm faced challenges in delivering personalized and timely insights to clients. The increasing complexity of financial markets and disjointed data sources added to the difficulties, making it challenging for financial advisors to stay ahead of the competition.

Key Business Challenges

  • Delivering personalized and timely insights to clients.
  • Handling increasing complexity in financial markets.
  • Dealing with disjointed data sources and client needs.

Coforge Solution

  1. Coforge implemented a digital investor onboarding platform to streamline the application process for investors.
  2. Empowered support staff to create comprehensive e-forms with ease, reducing paperwork and manual processes.
  3. Leveraged AI-based KYC and AML solutions for robust compliance checks and enhanced security.
  4. Instant data validation and real-time access to information for quicker form submissions and reduced processing times.


  1. 40% increase in efficiency through automated data collection and compliance checks. The automated data collection and compliance checks significantly reduced the time and resources required for onboarding investors and conducting KYC/AML checks.
  2. Enhanced user experience with a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  3. Ensured compliance and security measures, reducing errors, and gaining a competitive advantage.
  4. The digital investor onboarding platform proved to be highly scalable, accommodating a 30% increase in the number of new investors without compromising performance. Additionally, the platform provided valuable data insights and analytics, enabling the firm to make data-driven decisions and identify trends in investor behavior.
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