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Transforming Development Strategy with Automation to Reduce Running Costs of Large Australian Airline

The customer, a large Australian airline with global operations wanted to automate their systems.

Their reasons were as follows:

  1. Unreliable automated tests were resulting in low test confidence
  2. There was an increase in demand for automation coverage and test reliability
  3. Reduce costs involved in running legacy platforms and systems by improving development efficiencies

Solution Proposed

Coforge proposed its continuous testing and DevOps strategy for the customer’s airline systems that aimed at enabling feature-driven development with automated testing and release. To accelerate strategy implementation, Coforge worked closely with the customer to find the right automation tool and framework for rapid and reliable test delivery. Over the course of the project, Coforge focuses on: 

  1. Complete automation of the regression test bucket
  2. Adopt a feature-based branching strategy
  3. Adopt a test-driven development approach
  4. Create self-servicing environments for development of new systems and testing of legacy applications

By leveraging the CI / CD capabilities of Jenkins, the team was able to automate daily build, unit and regression testing, code quality check, and release on the test servers. To enforce continuous testing, the following testing methodologies were implemented for functional and non-functional testing needs:

  1. Fix Automation: Coforge’s Digital ASE2T automation framework provides a reliable test automation environment using Selenium and Appium
  2. Increase Quality and Reliability: Identify and automate critical business functionalities. These tests are integrated with the CI pipeline for nightly execution.
  3. Exploratory Testing: Approach used by SMEs to test usage of the application in production scenarios
  4. Risk-Based Testing: A process followed to optimize testing efforts and identifying high business priority defects early in the test cycle.

The Coforge Advantage

  1. Speed: Reduced time to production from 8 months to 3 months
  2. Cost Saving: Reduced time and costs by 60%
  3. Quality: Increased automation coverage from 0 to 80%


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