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Tender Management: A Leap Forward for a Global Engineering Leader

Tender Management: A Leap Forward for a Global Engineering Leader

Greater Agility in Customer Service

The Challenge: Overcoming the Tangles of Tradition

In a world where innovation drives success, our client, a pioneering global engineering firm, found itself dealing with a cumbersome tender creation process. Burdened by reliance on email chains, disjointed teams, and the manual drudgery of data entry and report generation.

Coforge’s Solution: The Engineering Workflow Application

We introduced the Engineering Workflow Application. It ensures that Salesforce is always in sync, eliminating the need for manual updates. It’s designed with geographic flexibility in mind, offering tailored configurations to meet the unique needs of different locations. Our approach turns emails into catalysts for action, seamlessly triggering processes within Appian. Moreover, it adopts a database-driven strategy to reduce instance memory, resulting in a more efficient and effective operation.

Transformative Results

Seamless integration with SAP, creating a cohesive link between opportunities and sales orders, along with networking milestones. This breakthrough fostered an environment for cross-functional collaboration and communication. Customer Service Engineers were empowered like never before, managing networks, cases, and services with unparalleled agility. Moreover, it shed light on the entire end-to-end process, setting the stage for ongoing improvements and enhancements. Through this transformation, we orchestrated a symphony of efficiency, elevating our clients operations to new heights.

Key Highlights: Engineering the Future with Engineering Workflow Application

The Engineering Workflow Application. Beyond streamlining tender management and boosting collaboration, it has redefined operational excellence for our client.

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