Success Story: Setting up a Business Rules Framework for a European Investment Bank

Business Rules Framework, Migration and Rationalization

Our Solution

  • Expose the Business rules embedded in legacy ETL process into a central DQM framework to cater to BCBS 239 compliance.
  • Migrate the legacy ETL processing into Custom Java Framework for as part of rationalization of Front office feeds processing.
  • Parse code implemented within the ETL (Informatica) & various legacy processors (C++/Java) to extract embedded business rules.
  • Created Java Parser for Informatica Powermart to expedite the rules extraction
  • Integrate the discovered Business rules in Java Framework for ETL processing and DQM process

Results Delivered

Improved BAU maintenance and improved time to productionise change

  • Centralized DQM
  • Streamlined Data processing
  • BCBS 239 compliance

Tech Stack Used: Informatica PowerCenter, Java Spring Boot, C++ Visual Studio Code, Unix Shell Scripting, Oracle, Silverlight UI, Angular Js.

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