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A leading specialty property& casualty insurer was looking for a full-suite DCT implementation for Duck Creek On-Demand (DCOD), support and maintenance of various applications, and business rationalization to provide flexibility at scale. Coforge stepped in to provide end-to-end DCT implementation, support, and maintenance of multiple systems. With its Duck Creek implementation blueprint, Coforge was able to understand the gaps, gather requirements, and deliver on a full-suite Duck Creek implementation within 6 months of planned program testing before Go-live. 

About the Client

The client is a leading specialty property & casualty firm offering varied products to meet the needs of individuals and businesses in the USA. 

Business Challenge 

Over a course of time, the client had acquired numerous other insurance carriers leading to: 

  • Diverse business processes 
  • Complex operations 
  • Fragmented technology ecosystem consisting of different systems 
  • Inconsistent employee and customer experiences

Our Solution 

Partnering with the client, we successfully delivered the needed solution in 3 stages: 

Stage 1 – Duck Creek Blueprinting 

  • Understanding gaps between as-is and future state 
  • Creating enterprise transformation roadmap for DCT implementation 
  • Gathering requirements and creating solution blueprints 

Stage 2 – Full suite Duck Creek implementation 

  • Incorporated agile with 4-week sprints for iterative software development 
  • Simultaneous development of policy, claims, and billing modules 
  • Planned completion of minimum viable product (MVP) implementation within 8 sprints 
  • Strategy to roll-out one or few LOBs at a time 
  • 6 months of planned Program Testing before Go-Live. This included: 
    • End-to-end testing 
    • Performance testing 
    • Integration testing 
    • Legacy testing 

Stage 3 – Support and maintenance of different P&C applications  

  • Applications included policy admin, FNOL, billing, claims, and agency portal 
  • Businesses that have moved to DCT 
  • Businesses that are still in the different systems 

Technology Stack: 

Applications in scope: 

  • Multiple 
  • Policy admin systems 
  • Billing systems 
  • Claims system 
  • Data and legacy systems 

Systems present: 

  • Mainframe-based 
  • .NET- based 
  • Java-based 
  • Guidewire 
  • DCT 


Delivering More Value 

  • A single core technology platform across all operating companies 
  • Enabled cost-effective scale to support growth 
  • Rationalizing products and processes across all operating companies 
  • Improved speed-to-market 
  • Improved brand recognition 
  • Improved agency and customer experience 
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