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Strategic Testing Partner to deliver unique business-driven structured Testing approach

About client

Our client is the world’s leading specialist in air transport communications and Information Technology (IT). It works closely with every sector of the air transport community, innovating, developing and managing business solutions over the world’s most extensive network - one that forms the “communication backbone” of the global air transport industry. The client is the trendsetter in the industry and serves industry with innovative portfolio of products, services and infrastructure offerings.

Business Need

The Air Transport Technology major was looking to systematically speed up time to market, reduce total cost of product and ownership, adopt emerging models and help them grow in new markets. The client has next generation products in multiple areas such as Baggage Management, Border Management, Smart Airport and Self Services. With worldwide revenues of 2.2 billion euros, they needed to upgrade and automate their multi country rollout testing.


With increased focus of travel companies on customer experience, it becomes imperative to warrant the quality of IT systems and processes to enable success of business outcomes. Effective testing of IT applications across the travel landscape helps in ensuring quality and seamless operations.

With extensive experience in managing complex travel systems, Coforge Ltd’s Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) helped customer ensure quality of travel technology systems with near zero defect leakage at optimized costs.

Coforge Ltd provides end-to-end testing services including test advisory, functional testing, non-functional testing and new age testing services like SOA testing, mobility testing, application security management and application performance management. Our Testing CoE has continuously evolved and established travel focused methodologies, frameworks and automation suites to improve the time-to-market and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Commercial Model

Different commercial models were designed and evolved using the findings from individual Client Value Discovery sessions to ensure that: (a) pricing is linked to the client’s value drivers and usage patterns, (b) Win-Win client vendor relationship management arrangements are incorporated to accelerate the realization of business goals.

Bringing it all together, our approach combines various facets of Organization Structure Models, Process, People and Automation leading to deeper and more effective cost reduction. It has moved from Fixed Price in 2008 to Test Case Execution Based Pricing in 2016

Price of Testing Services are calculated based on the agreed number of Test Case Created (TCC) and Test Case Executed (TCE) for given Testing Service Request (TSR).

  • XX US Dollars for each Test Case Created and accepted
  • XX US Dollars for each Test Case Executed and accepted

Process Model

Managed Services Model

Key Activities

Expanded the scope of applications covered under testing portfolio from 12 to 40 in a span of 2 years (2008-2010).

Delivering testing services in three service lines Government, Airport, Airline.

Type of Testing:

  • Functional Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Accessibility Testing

Evolved commercial model from T&M to advanced transaction based model offering prior indication of expense to be incurred by customer.

Key Benefits

Testing CoE continues to enhance testing delivery efficiency, effectiveness and governance through an Improvement and Innovation Centre (IIC).

IIC partners with SITA and articulate New ideas that deliver More Value:

  • Increase Level of Automation
  • Develop and Operationalize Script less Automation Framework
  • Develop Model Based Testing (MBT) Approach
  • Optimize Compatibility testing strategy based on Usage Analytics
  • Enhance Test Lab to facilitate Compatibility and Automation Testing
  • Increased Test Capacity
  • Better on-time go-live for Customer specific enhancements
  • Zero Schedule Slippage
  • 80% of Regression Bucket Automated

Benefits Delivered through Testing Lab

  • Improving Quality: Testing of applications carried out on actual devices instead of simulators which helps in validating the interaction of native features of the device within the applications
  • Enhance application stability: Testing in actual user environment covering slow network issues and network fluctuations.
  • Detection of Memory Leakage: Testing on devices to detect memory leakage leading to application crashes as devices are low in resources.
  • Testing in Real World Scenario: Detection Issues caused by call interruptions, charger effect, and battery consumption

Best In–Class Testing Center

  • Implemented best practices, accelerators and enablers developed by testing CoC
  • Created test management office and integrated governance model
  • Innovation to enhance productivity by adopting Best Practices for Localization testing, Script less Automation, Introducing new tools for security, regression and performance testing

Improved Quality

Testing across multiple platforms – m/f, web-based, SOA, client – server, mobile and other HHT; multiple models (Waterfall, Agile – Scrum, Agile – AIP) – more than 25000 defects logged in last 5 years with 5.83% defect rejection.

Reduction in Cost

  • Implemented Model based testing for saving 20 – 25% of effort and cycle time
  • Testing cycle time reduction up to 50-70% leveraging Automation and Risk Based Testing
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