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Standardizing CMS implementation with Adobe Experience Manager

Summary of Project:

Consistent and personalized engagement across all channels was a priority for the airline. Inconsistent design and multiple CMS platforms across different channels were increasing the cost while degrading the customer experience.

Summary of Coforge Services:

Coforge Adobe Experience Manager engineers worked with the airline to standardize the CMS implementation across channels, and implement a mobile-friendly design while maximizing the use of standard features available out of the box with AEM.


  • 25% reduction of operational costs in maintenance while increasing productivity for end users
  • Integration with the DnD/opt-out list resulted in a 95% reduction in fines from Consistency of content and messaging across all channels
  • Automation of workflows and mobile testing increased agility

Coforge Adobe Services Snapshot

Application Delivery

  • Experience Management
  • Content Delivery
  • Application Integration
  • SEO and Analytics
  • Forms & Assets
  • Social
  • Migration

Application Support

  • Incident Management & Reporting
  • Application & Platform Monitoring
  • Optimization, Governance & Reporting


  • Content Author
  • Creative Services
  • Analytics and Reporting Services
  • Campaign Support
  • Campaign Analytics
  • SEO Services
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