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Setting up an independent infrastructure setup in Azure for a consortium of 3 charities in the UK

Business Challenge

The three charities had an on-premise datacenter and all were sharing the common infrastructure. During any event, all the three charities users were impacted. The client was heavily dependent on IT in terms of fund-raising events, volunteering databases and providing quality service to its end-users/ beneficiaries. With the legacy IT infrastructure, the client began to face critical issues such as:

End of Life devices for end users No latest communication and collaboration tools. A sub-optimal shared services function Poor user experience Inability to leverage newer platforms and technologies No Consumption based delivery of IT services

They wanted to have independent infrastructure setup for all the three charities and bring transformation for the Technology Debt.

Our Solution

In order to assist the company with a reliable IT system and automate their processes, Coforge conducted a smooth transformation of the technology of the customer and delivered more value in record time. Coforge team analyzed the current ready-to-use infrastructure based on project requirement and suggested a viable solution to provide scalability and reliability and minimize Technology debt through its cloud capabilities and expertise.

We not only helped the customer get rid of their outdated and end-of-life infrastructure, but we also exited the Datacenter entirely and transferred the whole system to the cloud. The Coforge group introduced a solution to help 2,500 end-users distributed across three charities in the UK, London, after the customer’s project approval.The cloud environment was segregated for three charities post migration with no dependencies on each other.

After customer approval, the Coforge team deployed a solution to support 2,500 end-users spread across three different Charities in the UK, London for better user experience & on-demand usage of systems like Windows 10 & collaboration tools using O365.

Delivering Value

Microsoft Azure was chosen as preferred cloud platform to migrate the entire stack. Agile methodology involving sprints was used in migration of the servers and applications to cloud. COFORGE completed the migration in record time and delivered excellent results to client which resulted in timely exist from data center and saving the cost of running on-prem stack. Some of the key values delivered are:

Charitable organizations are now also opening up for technology refresh & Cloud Adoption The client witnessed a shift in financial model from Capex to Opex Reduced Technology Debt The existing licenses were consumed in the cloud Easy to scale infrastructure to meet future needs Quick provisioning of the system Better control of the costs using Flexi licenses & pay per use model Better user experience using Windows 10 & O365

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