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Resilient Wi-Fi Lounges for a High-speed Train Service Provider


Without the right infrastructure, meeting the high expectations of customers is difficult. A high-speed train service provider partnered with Coforge to revamp their existing Wi-Fi connectivity at their premier business lounges to improve the user experience. The client also sought to uplift their customer experience through a solution that was capable of providing guest analytics. Coforge partnered with Mojo Networks (then known as Airtight) to deploy a unique and first-of-its-kind Wi-Fi solution to monitor and manage wireless networks. The solution helped the client to deliver more value in the form of a far more secure connection that also offered a means to improve customer satisfaction through built-in analytics.

About the Client

A high-speed train service provider, the client connects the United Kingdom to France and Belgium. The client was the official train carrier for the 2012 London Olympics and links over 100 destinations across Europe.

Business Challenge

The client embarked on a transformative journey of establishing premier Wi-Fi lounges by leveraging the service of a technology vendor. The client’s goal was to revamp their existing Wi-Fi at their premier business lounges with a secure, consistent, and reliable solution that would seamlessly communicate to meet high customer expectations. The client faced numerous challenges with the existing Wi-Fi lounges. The connectivity was not reliable and was prone to frequent downtimes. There were no content filters, enabling customers to access restricted sites. The existing setup also lacked the ability to report usage and browsing. Passwords had to be changed weekly and the inability to change them led to intermittent disconnections. Also, the existing Wi-Fi had a notepad-based splash page with no support to meet the SLAs.

The client also wanted to find new ways of improving customer satisfaction and cater to the needs of their customers. This called for an analytics driven solution for which Coforge was an obvious choice.

The client selected Coforge’ Wi-Fi solution to be deployed across the business lounges in the UK, France, and Belgium. .

Our Solution

Coforge partnered with Mojo Networks (then known as Airtight) to deploy the Wi-Fi solution. Fourteen Airtight access points were delivered by Coforge across five locations in Europe.

The solution comprised the following features:

  • A Cloud-based Airtight solution with C55 access points
  • Social media integration for easy log-in options
  • Guest analytics for Wi-Fi lounges that captured:
    • Browsing data
    • Location-wise repeat customer data
    • Time-slot-based visitor access
    • Visitor dwell time
    • Location-wise data usage
    • Day-wise trends
    • Top websites accessed from allowed categories
    • Top websites from blocked categories
  • Open DNS Cloud-based content filtering solution for all Wi-Fi devices
  • HTML5-based reporting dashboard
  • SLA-based support, Coforge’ service desk support, and escalated support with backend tie-up with Airtight

Delivering More Value

Coforge was able to deploy the solution in a span of four weeks across three countries and five locations.

  • More Integration: OSocial Media integration enabled users to easily log in to the system
  • More Customization: CA customized splash page on HTML5 was provided which allowed the client to brand it according to their guidelines. The page also incorporated terms and conditions around the use of service by the customers.
  • More Satisfaction: WWhilst the client saw cost reduction, they also benefited from richness in functionality and service availability. We ensured that the average wait time for passengers could be estimated from the Internet browsing time.
  • More Security: The network was far more secure complying with client’s security policy and local country regulations.
  • More Analytics: Guest analytics deployed by the client in their Wi-Fi lounges provided guest browsing data on a daily/monthly basis for commercial use. The repeat customer data enabled plotting of popularity trends to capture travel mechanisms. Monthly analytics reports were produced, bringing richness to parameters such as management data profiling, customer behaviors, footfall traffic, repeat visits, dwell time, and websites visited, to mention a few.
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