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Reduced 99% defects identified in the Servicing portfolio for MERS Reconciliation process within a month

The Client

Medium sized Mortgage Servicer


  • Unable to manage reconciliation of a large portfolio for more than 35 fields
  • High defect ratio
  • High Labor costs involved
  • Unable to meet regulatory requirement to manage monthly review

Solution & Execution

  • Provided end to end automated solution which takes input files from servicer system and MERS systems and compares fields
  • System can remove false positives
  • User friendly interface to reduce loan review time by 50%
  • MERS membership taken to integrate MERS output directly to MERS

Value Delivered

  • End to End automation reducing manual effort by 5000+ man hours each month to keep 100% portfolio review each month.
  • Monthly automated review performed on loans with 400K plus portfolio with cost saving of up to USD 200K per annum in terms of manual efforts
  • Portfolio defect rate reduced to zero except defect occurring due to new loan additions
  • Automated file generated loaded in MERS
  • Regulatory compliance maintained 100%
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